Blue Monday/ Hazy Sunday


Crunchy gazy guitars and whining distortion abound on Ringo Deathstarr’s latest offering ‘Imagine Hearts’, available as a free download from RCRDLBL’s website. The Austin, Texas trio have been jangly pop junkies since their inception in 2005, but they now seem to be going through a softer transition, surrounding themselves in rich layers of distortion and pedal feedback. Their earlier work had elements of New Zealand’s famed Flying Nun sound, bands such as Bailter Space and HDU; but with time they’ve become sweeter, less concerned with razor sharp rhythms and more interested in forming crisp melodies. A downgrade in band size, from four to three has also influenced their sound, with the departure of guitarist Renan McFarland making the double guitar sound disappear, stacking them now with hollow point chord changes and crackled beats, and with Alex Gehring on vocal duty the band has relinquished some of it’s masculinity.

Despite already having a rather lengthy career, the band has just one EP and a 7″ to their name. However in early 2011 that will change, with the release of their debut album Colour Trip. ‘Imagine Hearts’ is the first single from the album and it has been released with an accompanying low-budget music video, viewable on their myspace page. 

 Ringo Deathstarr- Myspace

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