Swarming Between The Sheets

Pop. 1280

Named after a ’60s crime novel, Pop. 1280 channel a gory and twisted sound the likes of Sharpie Crows in their song ‘Bedbugs’. Like the mutant offspring of its subject matter, the stomping bass swarms like the biting critters, chewing its way through the industrial decay of steel pipes and well worn bricks. There’s a primitive simplicity to the song, its evil vocal chant and strangled guitar write a horror story that sounds refreshingly new. Though not their shortest, it’s easily the simplest and most direct of their songs, while ‘Step Into The Grid’ channels robot transformations with Chris Beetle’s vocals more upfront and aggressive, and the instruments more united.

The quartet hasn’t gained much attention yet but were interviewed for the ‘Yes In My Backyard’ column in The Village Voice. The honesty of their intentions – to make music that remembers that punk is supposed to be gross – and taking direct inspiration from the very filth of daily city life (what Beetle calls the “undercurrent of filth and sewage and parasites”), there’s an inherently realistic quality to their phantasmagorical cyber punk. Guitarist Ivan Lip’s job as a social worker for low income and disabled adults partly inspired the song, as he deals directly with New York’s bed bug epidemic – doing laundry in slum apartments where the walls were literally crawling with critters. He said, “I would work and then go home and wonder if I was infesting my apartment. I think that had a lot to do with the song. Laying in bed, not able to sleep, imagining a crawling sensation coming up my legs.” Beetle was also spurred on by his time spent in Shanghai, China, “a seriously filthy city”, where he would eat dinner in back alley restaurants with mice and cockroaches crawling on the floor around his feet.

Their six-song 12″ record The Grid is due to come out on Sacred Bones on October 26.

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