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Levek 7"

David Levesque’s story is an enthralling one: “I’m a bus driver that makes music. After a long day of elementary schoolers putting gum on my lovely pleather bus seats I enjoy a good space jam while sorting through the Disney VHS collection.” The Florida native makes beautiful atmospheric pop under the name Levek that swarms with summery vibes, and today his first release was announced by Father Daughter Records. Levek’s self-titled 7″ includes the levitating a-side song ‘Look On The Bright Side’ backed with ‘Slow’ and comes out on November 16 on limited edition red vinyl with a digital download bundle. Starting off with swooning vocals and tepid percussion that’s swimming in reverb, ‘Look On The Bright Side’ sounds like a glorious vintage jam, all soft vocals, bendy bass and flitting keys. Levek’s prior material brims with acoustic guitar, with ‘Loon and the Lion”s gorgeous choral vocals that harmonise like Polka Dot Dot Dot and crisp percussion that sounds like it’s straight out of The Lion King. Here’s hoping Levesque can leave the school bus behind soon and dedicate all his time to making music.

Levek- Myspace

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