Almost Everyone, Almost Always

After posting on Deerhoof’s first single ‘The Merry Barracks’ from their upcoming new album Deerhoof vs Evil, Einstein Music Journal has been invited to take part in the release of their album! The band is staging a global album leak that sees a different track from the album made available to stream on a different blog or website around the world each week. It started with ‘The Merry Barracks’ on Pitchfork on October 8, and will continue until the album’s eventual release on January 25. Einstein Music Journal will have the world premiere of the 12th track, ‘Almost Everyone, Almost Always’, along with a quote from singer Satomi Matsuzaki, on December 15.

The most recent song leaked from the album is ‘Super Duper Rescue Heads !’, streaming on The Guardian since November 1. Starting with a shimmering keyboard jaunt, Satomi’s vocals saunter in clearer than ever, with clattery percussion and the band’s trademark roughed up, ramshackle sound carefully restrained by a gritty grunge guitar. The band is stepping into ever more experimental pop territory with Deerhoof vs. Evil, right down to the method in which they’re sharing it with fans. Deerhoof has also announced a tour of the US in January with Nervous Cop, which is Greg Saunier of Deerhoof’s band with Zach Hill, plus Ben Butler and Mousepad.

Keep an eye on their website to follow the song leaks and check back here on Einstein Music Journal on December 15 for ‘Almost Everyone, Almost Always’.

See the global album leak map here

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