Shine A Light In A New Direction

Toronto band The Guest Bedroom first came to my attention in 2007 when they released their excellent sophomore EP Movement. Back then they described themselves as “anti-chorus and pro triumph”, making a raucous dance-punk racket with shouty vocals and an inbred Canadian punk philosophy. At the time bands like You Say Party! We Say Die!, Adjective and The Creeping Nobodies were all riding a similar buzz. In 2008 they released Treading Water/Blowing Smoke, their third EP, moving in a punk cabaret direction, while distancing themselves from their dance roots that drove comparisons to YSP!WSD!. Now, with their debut album A Year’s Supply Of Rabbit’s Feet due out on November 19, they’ve shifted things again, losing the “anti-chorus” attitude in favour of a more disciplined sound, ricocheting between jagged guitar riffs, new-wave organ slides and informed lyrical choruses. There’s hints of Deerhoof in the flip-floppy nature of the guitar riffs, which on previous Guest Bedroom EPs have been overshadowed by loud driving organ dubs, and there’s more nous to Sandi Falconer’s vocals, which sound less pronounced among the band’s noisier instrumental crusade. It’s a more mature, grown-up record from The Guest Bedroom, looking forward into the future rather than back into the past. A Year’s Supply Of Rabbit’s Feet is an alternative punk record, without question the dance-punk label has been firmly left behind; proof’s in ‘Tough Luck’, ‘Ugly Thoughts’ and ‘Wanderlust’.

A Year’s Supply Of Rabbit’s Feet will be released on November 19 via Popstick Records. The Guest Bedroom has kindly allowed us to share a track from the new album, listen to ‘Kingdom’ below.

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