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Last week Lil’ Chief Records announced the release of Pikachunes’ stunning debut album by streaming the entire thing on their Bandcamp page and giving away the single ‘Nervous’ for free. Miles McDougall’s recent relocation to Auckland (from Christchurch) has seen him hook up with the indie label, run by The Brunettes’ Jonathan Bree. Pikachunes’ album is the first of two future electronic based releases from the label, the other being Princess Chelsea’s debut, due for release in early 2011.

It’s hard to fault Miles’ work, both live and on record. He’s been able to connect with audiences across the country, playing clubs, dance parties and punk shows. His set supporting Casiotone For The Painfully Alone in November 2009 was one of my favourite performances of the year; playing to an audience previously unexposed to his electro-pop, he managed to capture the crowd as well as any established touring artist. His self-titled debut album captures that same live energy, given a slick polishing by Jonathan Bree. It’s a brilliant dance record, combining house beats, electro synths and McDougall’s sexy baritone, which connects with an audience able to relate to similar experiences of romantic grandeur. ‘Just A Boy’ and ‘Nervous’ both plot the relationship between a shy boy waiting to hear from a slightly detached lover, with choruses that flow into social commentary. ‘New Friend’ highlights Miles’ ability as a beat maker, using pulsing electro beats to create a party tune that’s both groovy and awash with heavy club thuggery. The entire album is a flawless piece of work, track-listed perfectly.

Pikachunes’ debut album is out November 22 on Lil’ Chief Records.

Stream the entire album

Pikachunes- Myspace

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