Hyphenated Rainbow

I heard this wonderfully chilled out song with vaguely surfy guitar, slow stomping reggae bass and dorky off kilter harmonies at a house party on the weekend and it really stood out. I found out it was Run DMT’s song ‘Spruce Bringsteen’ which I’d heard a while back and really liked, and subsequently the Baltimore musician, real name Mike Collins, has been on my list of ‘bands to blog’ ever since. Now that the sun is shining bright and the days are still and tranquil there seems nothing more poignant than this kind of music, with its lightly fractured and distorted samples, lazy echoing harmonies and cascading guitar chords. A couple of songs released in January relay this vibe perfectly, ‘Feel Flows’ and ‘Disaster Babe’ are soaked in sea foam and trickled with synth melodies. The Decibel Tolls brilliantly describes the eclecticism of Collins’ music, saying it “mirrors the kind of ecstatic rush you can get just following YouTube and Mediafire links”. ‘Richard’ is another example of Run DMT’s perfected lo-fi bliss in its hazy, relaxed melodies, while ‘Money’ collages segments from the Home Shopping Network atop dreamy, washy acoustic guitar with crackling accordion. While some of his songs can tend to particularly droney, abstract territories, ‘Spruce Bringsteen’ is definitely Run DMT’s poppiest song to date. Collins also makes incredible visual collages, and has made available two releases for free on myspace: the 21 minute single track Get Ripped Or Die Trying and the 15 track Bong Voyage. Run DMT’s ability to blend straight forward pop songs with manic hypnotics the likes of Javelin (‘Let It Load’) and contrasting quieter moments makes for an exciting ride.

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