(No More) Lust For Life

Today sees the release of Broken Dreams Club, the follow-up EP to Girls’ breakthrough debut album. The EP, released through True Panther Sounds, revisits the famed nostalgia and forlornness of the band’s debut. This means there’s just as much to aid the arguments of those who ‘get’ the band and those who ‘don’t’ – as always, Girls’ fans will cherish the band for the same points that drive their detractors away. With Broken Dreams Club the trademarks of Album (60s-driven pop hooks, lovesick guitar riffs and the seemingly endless hype that fostered their success with similar buzzwords) are back with more distinction and character. One touch of this is with ‘Carolina’, where Christopher Owens’ now more fragile vocals mark that the music is duly more hesitant to jump into the heat of things. It takes a good few minutes of eeriness and solemnly ambiguous sounds to get to the point, but when it does, it really lifts.

Melodically and lyrically, don’t expect a huge jump from Album. This is a band that’s all about its sentiment, so just as ever this time around, Owens is gunning for simplicity. Sharpen your ears for those delicate high-register notes – just one sign that this time Girls mean it more than ever. And if the signs are right their massive following will shadow their every step, for many improvements they make. If we’re lucky, this new EP’s success will finally overcome all annoying conversations about the meaning of Album opener ‘Lust For Life’.

You can purchase Broken Dreams Club from True Panther Sounds’ website.

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