World Premiere of Deerhoof’s ‘Almost Everyone, Almost Always’

We’re beyond excited to have the exclusive world premiere stream of Deerhoof‘s song ‘Almost Everyone, Almost Always’, the last track from their upcoming album. We’re also proud to be the bearers of some great news, with the official announcement that Flying Nun Records will be releasing Deerhoof’s tenth album, Deerhoof vs Evil, in New Zealand on January 31. The legendary label will put the album out on CD and digitally as well as on limited edition pink gate-fold vinyl. The album will be available in the UK on January 24 via ATP Recordings and in the US on January 25 via Polyvinyl.

The songs from Deerhoof vs Evil have been gradually released for streaming over the past two months via websites including Pitchfork and The Guardian, with a map of the world charting its release (you can read more about that here).

Starting off with a bone-dry drum beat and hazy synths, ‘Almost Everyone, Almost Always’ isn’t an immediate party track like ‘The Merry Barracks’, but a slow-building crystallised avant-garde drone attack. It’s very dreamy and gentle, with Greg Saunier’s pulsating drums forming a unique bed on which the rest of Deerhoof vs Evil can rest its head.

Founding member Greg, who also sings on this song, gave us this poetic quote:

“Lonely character sings
from behind banks of keyboards
about World War Three
and not knowing how to have fun
audience not listening…”

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