Audrey Hepburn growing
in a test tube

There’s this band from New York called Wonder Bear. It’s this guy and girl (boyfriend/girlfriend) and they’re both sixteen. They’re pretty prolific considering they’re sixteen and that most sixteen-year-olds aren’t very prolific, and they’ve got three EPs up on their bandcamp as well as a pretty sweet Kanye West cover. The latest, GALA is a conceptual piece about some Alaskan teens going into the woods. The three-track EP starts on this icy plane of ambience and delicately grows into a kind of digital primordial soup soundscape, as if the band started melting mid-song and allowed their bodies and samplers to drip into this waxy semi-solid pool. Sounds like dinosaur sculptures made out of butter. The central track, ‘We Found The Egg’, is where the shift takes place. “We found something,” she sings. It’s kind of an ominous line, but the jumpy rhythms and wormy synths never let the mood move from excitement into fear. “I can feel this moving towards me,” over and over. Wonder Bear seem to have their eyes open wide. Real good track.

Their two previous EPs contain some really nice music too. A loving grafting of chalky girl vocals to electronic jelly productions. A little Audrey Hepburn growing in a test tube. The Azul EP in particular has some really good tracks.

Currently they’re writing songs for what will be their debut album, or another EP. Relentless babes.

Wonder Bear- Bandcamp

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