Chelsea In The Sky With Diamonds

Here’s a Christmas gift from Lil’ Chief Records; a collaboration between Pikachunes and Princess Chelsea. The label has been relatively quiet in recent years, but the release of Pikachunes’ debut album in November and Princess Chelsea’s debut due early in the new year has seen the label’s mid-decade buzz return.  On ‘Castle On A Cloud’ their imaginations collaborate as much as their musical arrangements do, with Chelsea’s mythical fascination being echoed by Miles’ wilful self exploration. The synths are heavy with reverb and the drum machine lays out a simple beat, but it’s more about the vocal collaboration which sounds witch-y and slightly out of time. It’s a short number, aimed at drawing attention to Lil’ Chief’s newest recruits.

Princess Chelsea has also recently collaborated with Golden Axe, you can hear that song over at Beko Digital.

Lil’ Chief Records’ website

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