Spookers In A Petting Zoo

Released today via Drag City, Sic Alps return with their first LP since 2008. Titled Napa Asylum, the double LP comes after a long stint touring, during which the band took time to reflect on previous endeavours and decide on a new direction. But after all that reflection not a lot has changed, Napa Asylum is again packed with scuzzy garage rock and heavily gouged anti-folk psychedelia. Twenty-two tracks is a lot to pack in, but this is Sic Alps’ second attempt of sorts, having released a double LP compilation of former singles and 7″‘s in 2009, titled A Long Way Around To A Shortcut. Napa Asylum is their third album, following their critically acclaimed US E.Z in 2008 on the Siltbreeze label and their 2006 debut Pleasures & Treasures. In between a few singles, most notably ‘L. Mansion’ released via Slumberland Records, and a split 12″ with Magik Markers, both in 2009 have keep fans happy, but Napa Asylum is a triumphant return with a new found maturity. An obvious highlight and a song likely to gain radio play across the world is ‘Do You Want To Give $$?’, with a rock and roll swagger and sing-along chorusĀ  it’s easily accessible and catchy and is an early musical highlight of 2011. Elsewhere they get twisted up in some lo-fi noise rock (‘Trip Train’) and sing with a folksy crust flanked by an acoustic guitar and a bit of emotional sentiment (‘Low Kid’ and ‘Ball Of Fame’). The time Sic Alps had to think about this album and piece it all together is shown off by it’s contrasting elements, each song is jagged and vastly unrepetitious but they all bind together to form a clattering, obnoxiously fascinating album.

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