I Hope Nothing Happens

Wellington songwriter, Tobias Brockie has been releasing music under various rhinoceros related pseudonyms for like five years or something – maybe longer than that. It’s hard to tell with fiercely ‘in bedroom’ musicians like this, who you hear traces of on and off for as long as you can remember ‘local music’ being a thing that exists. Currently working under the Rhinoceros Brave moniker, Brockie’s efforts make for guttural and often cacophonous listening. Slacked out mumbles and forceful drumming. His latest offering – the seven track EP, Dark Star Athena – is no different. It’s all messy and frustrated and sounds like it comes out with great difficulty. You can see him when you listen, strangling his instruments and playing just as loud as he possibly can without aggravating the neighbours. I think it’s this restraint that makes his music so appealing. Because when he finally manages to vent it feels real real good. The title track is just that. Feels like the massive cum shot you’ve been jonesing for since the first track. Feels real real good.

The angst carries over into his lyrics as well. Existential looming or something. He sounds scared about something. It doesn’t surprise me that Brockie spends his days as a subeditor in the newsroom of one of our nation’s print conglomerates. Makes sense. Right. It’s hard to read a newspaper and not feel like killing yourself.

In the not too distant future he’ll be releasing a single on French label, Beko DSL.You can find his music on his blog where he posts his wry, measured and mostly hilarious musings, as well as his outsider cuts.

Rhinoceros Brave- SoundCloud

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