Stoned Again…

Released a few days ago, Puro Instinct’s latest track ‘Silky Eyes’ has engraved itself on my mind. It’s slack comatose vocals are lazy and infectious, with shimmering discord guitars starting all loose before descending into an incredible pop melody. There’s a hint of ’80s prog in the rhythms that the band seem to be channelling, and as a concept it ties in perfectly to create a carefree, easy listening sound. Ariel Pink has obviously been an influence as well, evident in the wavy guitar chords and imprinted samples; Ariel is also a close friend of sisters Piper and Skylar Kaplan and appeared on their previous single ‘Stilyagi’.

Those who thought chillwave would be fading away about now might need to reassess, with new releases from Puro Instinct and Beach Fossils about to drop it appears it might do a third US summer dominating the stoner stations.  Puro Instinct’s debut album Headbangers In Ecstasy will be released on Mexican Summer Records on February 22.

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