Rocky Mountain High

Blasts of rough-around-the-edges shimmering pop stirs your senses, giving you a hay-fever addiction totally unprovoked by the outside world. Secret Cities, a trio from Fargo, North Dakota, released their debut album last year titled Pink Graffiti and it gained rave reviews across the blogosphere. On February 12 they released their follow-up single; a dizzy garage reflective pop jam titled ‘Love Crime’. It’s less sprinkled with tangerine style hooks than Pink Graffiti, but it retains much of the band’s lustre and charm, using a whimsical backing vocal to prop the song while a dim drum beats like a constant pulse. The guitar has a garage folk type simplicity to it and the vocals sound raw and passionate. There’s less of a dancey tone to this new track, which will appear on Secret Cities’ sophomore album Strange Hearts, due for release via Western Vinyl on March 23. Department of Eagles, Glass Vaults and Antony and the Johnsons all come to mind when listening to ‘Love Crime’.

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