Total Hacker

My favourite psychedelic sludge pop band from New York, Total Slacker, released a new song the other day, and it’s a gem. ‘Life on Easy Street (U Could Die In BedStuy)’ is a classic grunge-pop song featuring raunchy guitars and Emily Oppenheimer’s brilliant sleepy sing-along vocals with Tucker Rountree’s weird yet matter-of-fact depiction of New York life. His typical awesome glam-out guitar solo steals the show in the third quarter. It’s a simple but incredibly effective record of a mundane day – “Life ain’t hard, you know it’s really quite easy, you wake up in the morning and you stay inside.” This band’s simplicity made me love them from the beginning, and all their songs are really catchy. From the sludgy, slow and brilliant ‘Crystal Necklace’ to the cute ‘Cops Freak Me Out’ and the jangly, intricate ‘Psychic Mesa’ or the reverb riffs of ‘Video Store Rental Guy’ and ‘Ultimate Party Dood’, the band has created a super strong collection of songs. They’re currently recording their debut album and have their first tour of the US planned for May 16 to June 16 – make sure you head along if you can, and listen to ‘Life on Easy Street’ on their Myspace.

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