Spiritual Heatwave/ No Doz

NO ZU were one of the best kept secrets of Campus A Low Hum 2011, a wonderfully surprising party band that encouraged everyone to dance. Once Nick and I arrived home in Auckland and wiped the grins off our faces and the camping grime off our skin, we discovered a lovely email from NO ZU’s main man, Nicolaas Oogjes. The multi-instrumentalist (who played in Tantrums for a year and also Tic Toc Tokyo) alerted us to his band of revolving members’ free download EP that was released by New Weird Australia on February 10. A warped and wicked, slanted psych dance collaboration of unsettled horns, itchy drums, plunky bass and seriously sun-damaged synths, New Age is a mind-bending, lighthearted listen. Standout ‘Ghastly Blank’ installs My Disco-style brutal bass chunks with The Fall’s brand of spontaneous and distant vocals with foghorn melodies. It’s other-world dance, alien trance and visceral punk all rolled into one, and while it feels considerably different to their high-energy, relentlessly funky CALH sets, it still has the same enrapturing, curious style that made them so exciting in the first place.

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