Smokers Delight

Amber Gold –  it is not just the colour of Gabrielle Smith’s glasses, it’s also the colour that jumps out from her music. Performing as Eskimeaux, her music has a classical quality that mixes perfectly with her twee ambition, laying down soft, soothing vocals atop a bed of delicate strings and keyboard drone. She’s been releasing music since early 2008 and yesterday released her latest album Two Mountains as a free download via Bandcamp. Recorded in her New York bedroom and others bordering the Hudson River and in Philadelphia, the album at times displays elements of a much bigger production, sounding pristine in it’s finest moments when her voice peaks or a whisper of bells lie half decrepit, swallowed up by a crying cello.  The music is fragile, a reflection of a girl finding ground in New York City, mixing old-fashioned with post-modern. It’s a style that fits well together, at times sounding down-beat (‘There Are A Lot Of You’) while remaining optimistic. Tracks with minimal instrumentation (‘Discarded’) have a soft, chalky like delivery, reminiscent of Joanna Newsom or Mountain Man, while the more spirited tracks (‘Hills’, ‘For Power Animal’ ) echo Efterklang or Wet Wings.

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