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Dominique Young Unique – the brightest star in hip-hop – returns. Glamorous Touch totally dominates with a blistering assault straight from the production line. Artjam’s David Alexander adds some of the freshest sounding production on the hip-hop scene and Unique’s mean sounding lyrical style is a mixture of dirty pop, auto-tuned bubble-gum and ghetto sass. Her introduction does a double flip, sampling her own ‘Show My Ass’ over Justin Bieber, before the album rolls on with a heavy synth production that is at times styled on digital dancehall and far-east Bollywood rhythms. Glamorous Touch is definitely a step up for Unique; her Blaster EP introduced us to her sharp witted lyricism but it had few vocal hooks. Glamorous Touch is the best of both, solo and in collaboration with Fred and her sister Jasmine. One thing becoming more prevalent, but not solely attributed to Unique is the growing divide between male and female hip-hop production. There appears to be a technique that goes better with the female voice, the likes of Dominique Young Unique, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A being the leaders in tolerating much faster beat-rates and sharper key notes, creating a gender-specific sub-genre. Highlights here include ‘Dirty Game’, auto-tuned and riding on a west coast-style beat; ‘Get Out My Shoes’ with its snappy chorus that could easily kick it on the dance floor alongside Rihanna’s ‘Rude Boy’;  ‘My Success’ which is as much R’n’B as it is hip-hop with a Santigold stained vocal melody and ‘I’m Right Here’, a ’70s ghetto hit with a cheap childish casio flow and a lyrical style that would sit pretty on an after school TV show if it wasn’t for the R18 lyrics. Highlights they are, Glamorous Touch is superb through all eleven tracks, download it for free from Artjam Records.

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