You’ve Got Me Messed Up

RITES WILD is a solo drone outfit from Adelaide, Australia credited to Stacey Wilson, fitting quite nicely into the witch house genre of spooky keyboard psych. Like a kind 0f futuristic blizzard, her music sounds caked in ice that slowly melts to reveal multiple layers of analogue keyboard buzz and various drum patterns. Her voice cries out like a small pixie sized yeti, becoming more approachable as the songs wind and tease their way towards a dark, doomy conclusion. There’s a real genuine ghostliness to the music that’s contextualised by the witch house tag, but there’s something also vaguely transparent that allows you to get hooked in and swept away.  If you’re a fan of Caught Ship, Zola Jesus or Emily Reo then RITES WILD’s deathly tones are probably for you.

Wilson released her debut EP for free download (available from Bandcamp) on March 16.

RITES WILD – Myspace

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