Rusty Reflections

The hype surrounding Muzai Records may have died down since the departure of Bandicoot mid way through last year, but the label’s still releasing top quality material. Last month one of the label’s first signings, Sherpa, released an outstanding new EP and now Cool Cult are here with a fresh blend of post-punk/shoegaze, that sounds like it’s been run through a tumble dryer and spat out all soft and torn. Titled Try Crunch, it gives off a strong unaffected vibe, heavily influenced by a number of obvious genres but not really fitting in with any. ‘Unlived’ sounds like a well worked homage to Canadian weirdo noise makers Women, with a slow piercing guitar pattern that breaks out into a warped reverberating crackle. In single ‘Skulls’ you can hear the noisiness of Deerhunter and ‘Over Slowly’ is governed by a Pavement style guitar riff with vocals that give it a distinct New Zealand sound, thanks to vocalist Lliam Powell’s kiwi accent. For a brief moment it loses shape, the opening minute of ‘Fountains’ is a little off centre, but it falls back into line quickly and never again loses focus. Muzai hasn’t released a record like this since Nice Bird’s released their one and only EP in February 2010 and it’s a welcome return to their melodic, post-punk roots.

Try Crunch, Cool Cult’s debut album, will be available from Monday, March 28. You can purchase your copy from the Muzai Records website.

You can see Cool Cult play live this Friday at The Basement alongside Popstrangers, Kitsunegari and Onesie. The show is all-ages and costs just $10.

Cool Cult- Myspace

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