Goldilocks and the Three Beers

The dynamic team that comprises Wellington rapper Tommy Ill and his oh-so-clever music video-making buddy Brian Hainsworth released this awesome music video for ‘Secondhand Concorde’ on Monday. True to their creative form, it’s a cartoonish, funny take on everyday problems, set to a visual theme of goldilocks and the three beers. My favourite? “This beer is too baked beansy!” Tommy’s lyrics in this single – his third off his latest album – are remarkably honest and genuine, musing on playing shows to pay the rent because he spent all his money already. Brian’s smart direction injects even more colour and frivolity into Tommy’s imaginative tale, with style nods that could perhaps be to Michel Gondry and Wes Anderson. Watch the brilliant video below and see for yourself. This is probably my new favourite Tommy Ill song, too.

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