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Chelsea Wolfe is another artist from the hub that is Los Angeles, California. Her voice seems to violate you, taking you deep into a world of thaumaturgist witch craft and seance rituals. It’s a genre now commonly labelled witch house, but it’s all part of a psychedelic underworld that literary figures have been exploring for decades. There’s something seedy about it, and something scary that translates into images of an imaginary poetic goth cult, meeting to discuss ways of speaking to creatures in another language. Chelsea’s songs portray these themes, with song names such as ‘Cousins of the Antichrist’, ‘The Wasteland’ and ‘Demons’. She’s got a somewhat mystical sound that’s drawn out through bleak sounding guitars and a rustic drum kit. Similarities can be made to PJ Harvey’s recently composed and violently confronting album Let England Shake, although Chelsea Wolfe’s soon to be released Apokalypsis album comes from the darkest corners of an underground basement, directly contrasting Harvey’s grand masterpiece which sounds like it was recorded in the dining hall of a grand English mansion.

Chelsea Wolfe has recorded two full length albums. The first, titled The Grime and the Glow was released in December 2010, and her second, titled Apokalypsis will be be released on August 23. Both albums are with New York label Pendu Sound.

Chelsea Wolfe’s Website

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