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Ex-Mika Miko sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin have a new band called Bleached, which was announced this week on a number of popular US music sites, including The Fader and Stereogum. Since disbanding Mika Miko in 2009, the sisters have been touring with other notable bands, Jennifer as a vocalist in Cold Cave and Jessica on bass with Puro Instinct. Jennifer’s time with Cold Cave saw her briefly relocate to New York, but she’s now back in Los Angeles working again on a musical project she started with her sister in late 2009, post-Mika Miko. Bleached resembles Mika Miko in many ways, with driving surf-punk guitars and Jennifer’s distinctive voice, but with Bleached there’s more melody and less of Mika Miko’s scatter-brain vocal style that was very much cut from the ’70s British punk mold. Bleached follows more current trends, resembling Cassie Ramones’ Babies or the likes of Coasting and Grass Widow. They’ve still got their punk edge, but it’s more romantic than punchy.

Bleached’s debut release, a limited run 7″ on Art Fag Recordings is due out on July 19.

Bleached on Art Fag Recordings’ Website

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