Kiss Kiss

Twee pop is often described as ‘dreamy’ and ‘whimsical’, but Dominant Legs’ frontman Ryan Lynch is more of a realist. Like Girls’ Christopher Owens, whom Lynch has performed with, Dominant Legs’ music is overflowing with sincerity and the type of true-natured story telling you would expect from a Roald Dahl novel. Lynch started the project while performing with Girls, before being introduced to Hannah Hunt, an ex-architecture student who had recently returned to California from New York.  They started collaborating, with Lynch on guitar and Hunt on keys, both sharing vocal duties. Their music quickly took the shape of a dancey Belle and Sebastian, with Arthur Russell’s swinging synth sounds flowing through their music. The duo released their first EP last year titled Young at Love and Life, and have since been growing in size and working on their debut album Invitation, due for release on September 27 via Lefse Records. On the strength of their debut EP, an album of similar stealth should propel them into the indie limelight.

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