Soft Wave

Like a soft focus amalgamation of M. Ward and Kimya Dawson, Brandon Thomas De La Cruz’s music is beautifully gentle but retains a lively personality. I was introduced to Brandon through what was probably the nicest and most polite press release I’ve ever received. It instantly made me want to check out his music, and it’s nice to see Brandon’s unassuming and genuine email writing style carries on into his song writing. His voice is slow and husky, a low drawl resonating through delicate instrumentation. The Californian plays all of the parts too, except for some of the drums, which his brother plays, and some gorgeous harmonies that close friends contribute. Like Iron & Wine or the Postal Service’s lullaby singing style, Brandon’s light constructions interlace like fragile spiderwebs with his dewy vocal melodies clinging to the threads of the songs. While hinting at a sunny outlook, the whole compositions ring of something slightly bleak. Like cold air creeping through cracks, there’s a stark tonal quality to the electric guitar. The simple songs have a certain Daniel Johnston quality to them – they’re raw and heart-felt and to the point.

Check out Brandon’s EP via the link below and download the whole thing for free!

Brandon Thomas De La Cruz- Bandcamp

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