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Finally available to be fully digested after several tracks slowly trickled on to the internet over the past month, is Wet Wings’ strikingly beautiful debut album Glory Glory. Both ‘Stockholm’ and ‘Feeeel It’  introduced the album in June, as a work centred more around Lucy Botting’s voice and a retro blend of atmospheric electronics and rustic guitar playing. The full album, released yesterday, reveals a more characterised personality, full of soft focus sounds and cascading instrumental arrangements. ‘Stockholm’, named after the Swedish city, gives off a wintry Scandinavian vibe, recalling the lighter touches of Peter, Bjorn and John, pre- Writer’s Block; ‘Stay Inside’ with its chiming keyboard closely resembling the sound of ringing church bells is again an icy composition, but Botting’s voice turns it into a soft lullaby, leaving with the afterthought that if she really unleashed she could sound a lot like Debbie Harry. ‘Last Day Of Summer’ is a more vibrant song, delivered with an edgy sounding selection of quickly interchanging keyboard notes, packing the mid section of the album with positivity. Glory Glory then drifts back into a near dormant state, with the aptly titled ‘We’ve Lost Her’, followed by ‘A Terrible Thing’ and ‘Grace’ bringing grief to an album already heavily skewed towards the darker side of life.

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Friday, July 8 at The Wine Cellar in Auckland
Saturday, July 23 at Happy in Wellington

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