Shock Me Into Action

Geneva Jacuzzi is a name I’ve been seeing around for years but I shamefully hadn’t listened to her music until today. Right now the dance party that’s happening in our kitchen is all due to her ultra-futuristic retro-pop. She’s been touring with Puro Instinct and John Maus in what sounds like the perfect tour party – all worshipping ’80s synth pop and enjoying spaced out ’70s psychedelia. And like the others Geneva is also associated with Ariel Pink. Ariel remastered her debut album Lamaze; a collection of her 8-track hits recorded between 2004 and 2009. He also featured in her amazing video for ‘Bad Moods’, where she displays her dance skills in a Lady Gaga-like performance of masterful dance-art. On record her music is twisted in all directions, bringing together the funk of Tom Tom Club, the heavy Italo-disco of┬áTrans X and the wierd disco-tech of Chris and Cosey, creating all sorts of characters with references to Malcolm McLaren, Chicks On Speed and Prince.

Lamaze can be purchased on vinyl or downloaded from Vinyl International

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