Cold Prism

The electronic duo made this new track from their upcoming album available for free download a few days ago, and it takes a darker turn to their previous material. At Camp A Low Hum 2011 New Zealanders were treated to a pragmatic incarnation of High Places’ once summery, tropical dream pop. But as the band has aged they’ve gained a retrospective edge to their sound, becoming yet more multi-layered. Shedding their whimsy but not their zest, they now have a more distinct dance-beat focus, with last year’s ‘On Giving Up’ bridging the gap between summer splendour and this harsher path they’re taking. Rob Barber and Mary Pearson, the delightfully sunny people behind the music, have always had an eerie side, and it’s coming out in full force now. ‘Year Off’ could almost soundtrack a dark comedown with cold synthetic beats and weary synth drops, with frost-covered melodies slipping into conscious like condensation. But its brilliant dance beats are too upbeat for that, creating a cognitive dance-off that’s definitely not a downer. ‘Year Off’ is the first song from High Places’ third album, Original Colors, recorded in their home studio in LA and out October 11 on Thrill Jockey.

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