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Melbourne’s finest space-punk raconteurs are back with a new single, titled ‘Fat Monk’, taken from their hotly anticipated second album Let Music & Bodies Unite, out through Sensory Projects in September. Strangely though, this new track reminds me more of Adrian Tregonning, Andrew Noble and Daphne Shum’s other band No Zu, whom they perform live with rather than write material for (that’s left up to No Zu’s Nicolaas Oogjes). And unlike Rat vs Possum’s excellent debut album Daughter Of Sunshine, which was heavily infused with a riotous jungle spirit, with a lot of eclectic electronic sounds mixing with unusually warped percussion, ‘Fat Monk’ rides heavily on a scatty multi-layered synth line and a bouncy bass riff. Shum’s vocals are also a dominant force, much like those of a staunch shoegaze artist shouting through a wall of vociferous noise. There’s also a lack of layers attached to this new song, unless you count the intertwining synths, which perhaps suggests that the band is sticking to a more traditional formula, closing the lid on further ambitious experimentations. One critic has already noted that Let Music & Bodies Unite is more accessible than Daughter Of Sunshine.

Melbourne fans can see the band play their first live show since finishing the album, on August 20, as part of the launch of SMEG’s Fringe play Nausea’s Reprieve at TopShed in Fitzroy.

You can purchase Rat vs Possum’s debut album Daughters Of Sunshine and other selected band merchandise from their bandcamp page.

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