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Remember American college rock from the ’90s? Superchunk, Sebadoh and Pavement appear to be huge influences on Auckland band Meese and their press release confirms it, also name-checking Modest Mouse and Built To Spill. This video for their single ‘Waiting For A Holiday’ is built upon a retro ’90s vibe, in the spirit of reckless DIY grunge videos and VCR-style technology. The three band members (Alex Angrignon, Sophie van der Linden and Sam Harper) build up an image of a psychedelic wonderland, playing in front of a green screen with a montage of nuns, biblical scenes and old cartoons. They even jump into the future, thinking ahead from circa 1995 and seemingly imagining the world of digital technology in 2002. It’s simple, catchy and fun – three essential elements of a good pop song.

‘Waiting For A Holiday’ is the first single taken from Meese’s debut album Pieces of You, Pieces of Meese, out on September 16. The single can be heard over on their Bandcamp page.

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