Psychic Grunge

Our favourite psych-grunge trio from New York have been busy polishing their sound in anticipation of the release of their long-awaited debut album. To celebrate Thrashin’ being released on September 26 by Marshall Teller Records/Sixteen Tambourines, Tucker, Emily and Ross have generously given us the premier of their amazing video for ‘Thyme Travelling High School Dropout’ and shared two new recordings with us!

Collated from amazing vintage VHS bible college training videos and instructional dance videos, ‘Thyme Travelling High School Dropout’ is the latest of Tucker’s video art that awesomely suits the band’s fun, collaborative approach.

‘Psychic Mesa’ has been floating around in demo form for ages but in its final cut sounds slowed down into a dreamscape of perfect grunge. The new mix allows us to hear everything more clearly – particularly Emily’s sweet vocals – while reigning in Tucker’s guitar-slaying. The pure pop of ‘Shitty Baby’ has an Iggy-style vocal rant verse that floats into a psych chorus, with driving riffs and sing-along melodies throughout. The band sounds honed in and really focused, while keeping the fun spirit alive in just over two minutes!

The contrast between the rough and raw demos and these new tracks is blinding when you revisit the old recordings, and it’s so great to hear them at their best and clearest. They’ve been steadily growing – playing sold out shows with the Rapture in NYC, touring and getting signed for their debut. We can’t wait to hear the full LP!

Pre-order Thrashin’ from Marshall Teller Records(UK) or Sixteen Tambourines (UK) or Insound (US) now!

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