Rich Moreno began performing as Frank Alpine in 1996, but it’s only now that an LP of his recently vocalised recordings is being made available via New York’s Wierd Records. The Los Angeles composer is a true underground phenomenon; one of LA’s finest synth-punk weirdos that’s avoided being courted by the overexcited indie music press. He takes Gothic electro to its extreme, mixing stark ghost-waltz-type rhythms with dark menopausal beats. Much of his music sounds decrepit and from a different era, like a skeleton posing as a character from The Addams Family. Everything’s very dirty, from the disturbed Americana-style vocal delivery to the haunting Casio keyboards that swirl and recall scenes from Polanski’s Repulsion. This is music for paranoid insomniacs, sinister comics and obsessive crime novelists.

The Frank Alpine LP is being released by Wierd Records on October 25 on CD, vinyl and MP3.

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