Life & Debt

Back in June our friend Matthew Scheurich was shot with a bow and arrow while living in the Papua New Guinean jungle. The attack made international news headlines. He’s now back living in Auckland, New Zealand, recovering from his traumatic experience. In an email today he said, “chest pains flare up from time to time”, but that his “lung capacity feels much better now.” Since his near-death experience Matt has been working on a new musical project, to help him deal with post-traumatic stress disorder. He’s titled it Bow Arrow and it’s very different from his previous work as rapper MC Stormtroopa and in punk band Damsels. Bow Arrow is a very gloomy project, full of rich electronic textures and dark motifs. There’s a lot of pain and trauma in the lyrics, with thundery echoes surrounding his voice. It’s got a dark, witch-house sound, similar to Salem, Nite Jewel and Chelsea Wolfe.

The first Bow Arrow release, titled Σ Of An Aftermath, can be downloaded from Bandcamp. Please donate generously, as Matt’s financial situation has been severely strained since leaving hospital and returning to New Zealand. You can listen to ‘Glitter’ here on EMJ.

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