Night Swimming

I haven’t heard any good Panda Bear inspired jams in a while, but Bone Quida Ida is clearly channelling the messiah of modern neo-psychedelia. Dustin Illingworth uploaded these two tracks on to his Soundcloud a few weeks ago, and their sexy, swirling melodies are perfect pieces of bubble-gum psychedelia. ‘Quixote’ is cut straight from Noah Lennox’s Tomboy (early-2011), with multiple vocal layers and breathy synths colliding to form a writhing pop symphony. ‘Beneath The Pier’ could have a Panda Bear connection too – remember Lennox’s ‘Last Night at the Jetty’?  The music itself though is less derivative, dominated by R ‘n’ B inspired vocals and a punchy electronic drum beat. The synths weave in a dreamy disco direction, similar in style to Kent Odessa, whose influences include, Sade, George Michael and Prince. Illingworth labels his music “tropical pop”, while other bloggers have compared him to Toro Y Moi, Avey Tare and Paul Simon.

Illingworth plans to release his first Bone Quida Ida EP later this year, so keep an eye on his Facebook page for further updates.

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