Graveyard Shift

Like a bleary, AM radio Best Coast, Dum Dum Girls or Male Bonding, Night Manager crawls through the dark bearing discordant pop with West Coast-style melodies. Swathed in static with a layer of affected weariness floating on top, their generally upbeat songs are full of ghostly oohs and almost angry stabs at their instruments – try ‘Air Jordan”s weird slanty meandering. They retain their easy charm and total singability regardless of which direction their tunes take. ‘Pizza Pasta’ is the highlight, the epicentre of their nervous system of scungey tunnels of twisted bass and lo-fi droney guitar. We admit we’re late to the party – they released their Pizza Pasta EP in July – but it’s too good not to share. Listen to the whole thing on Bandcamp and buy it on vinyl!

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