Slug Guts Flying Through Space

New(ish) Wellington trio Sunken Seas step out with a post-rock/pop number, combining the noisier moments of Secret Knives (think ‘Black Hole’) with the ricocheting guitar sound of Spacemen 3. It’s a little bit Flying Nun too, with HDU and Bailter Space having an obvious influence on the band, and there’s a hint of British indie rockers The Horrors in the bass lines. The band was formed after the trio’s previous project (Tiddabades) ended. Leaving behind their angular guitar days for a more structured approach, members Ryan Harte, Craig Rattray and Luke Kavanagh have gone semi-shoegaze without being overly aggressive with their distortion pedals. It allows the previously mentioned pop elements to creep in, creating a more positive atmosphere while retaining some of the darker elements that the band so obviously embrace (watch the video for ‘High Rise’). Their first single, and only release to date is a serenading vocal-less song titled ‘High Rise’. It can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp or you can watch it with moving pictures over on Youtube.

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