Ballad of a Southern Man

Delaney Davidson is a name we’ve been hearing around for a while now but have only been properly acquainted with tonight. With a charming, low voice, stylish instrumentation and intriguing lyrics, Delaney Davidson’s alt folk/country songwriting credentials are well and truly realised. His oddly meandering crooning style is upfront and with the bare bones of a song behind him in ‘Time Has Gone’, the essence is distilled down to its finest simplicity, which makes it all the more powerful. With blaring horns, searing violins and flairs of piano accordion, what’s there melodically is succinct and striking. Though it may seem well orchestrated for a song of its nature, the dynamics between the parts make it eerily sparse and slightly disjointed, which results in a memorable take on an old sound.

Delaney is a proper storyteller, with a trusted sage style about him and a well-worn voice. With an equally intricate video to match that includes his bizarre journey to find a suitcase submerged in the sea, ‘Time Has Flown’ is spellbinding and beautiful. Read more about the amazing, self-sufficient multidisciplinary artist behind the music on his website.

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Posted by Sarah Gooding under Christchurch, New Zealand
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