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It’s only been three months since the release of their epic debut album Thrashin, but our pals Total Slacker have already given us an exclusive new demo. Finished only on Christmas eve, ‘You Gotta Touch Yourself’ is on the slower side, with swirling guitars and droning vocals churned up by a guitar rip. In the inspirational ode to self-love, singer/guitarist Tucker Rountree encourages you to “get to know yourself,” saying, “you’ve got to love yourself before you can love someone else”. The Brooklyn band has a knack for combining humour with sincerity in a disarming way. Another sweet grungey song to add to their ever-expanding repertoire, it will be interesting to see how it changes from this original demo to the final product.

The band are also set to release a split 12″ record with Friends, which entails Total Slacker covering their song ‘Friend Crush’ and Friends covering TS’ ‘Magical Date Nite’. The split will be released on the Japanese label Sixteen Tambourines in March.

They also ventured to the MTV headquarters recently to film an interview for VH1’s WTF Wednesday series. A hilarious chat about YouTube adventures, spray-on hair and thigh-masters ensues, spliced with impromptu jam sessions and live demos of yet-to-be-released songs. You should watch it if only for the quote, “If you want to climb the corporate ladder, you’ve got to build the thighs of success.” So much love for these guys!

Total Slacker- You gotta touch yourself (demo): YouTube

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