Sicilian Sleep

Juxtaposing a stout middle-aged man going for swim with shots panning over paintings of stately European mansions and fires amid snow, Cool Rainbows’ video for their first single sure makes an impression. A gentle, shuffling beat and warm atmospheric sounds make an idyllic bed for Djeisan Suskov’s gentle voice to coast along. From his roots five or so years ago in post-punk scene-stealers Nova Echo to the more recent pop of Trees Climbing Trees, Djeisan’s latest project takes a lighter, more ambient route. Little Chief signed him in March and he’s such a studio-bound perfectionist that it took him ’til 10 days ago to release his first single. But it’s proof that hard work pays off, as ‘Southern Summer Sun’ is a polished piece of pop bliss. The more embellished sound with quaint instrumentation including deft little touches of guitar and swaying melodies made with unusual sounds is testament to his sophisticated talent. The song is available for pay-as-you-like download and will be on his upcoming album Whale Rocket.

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