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Controversial music critic Chris Weingarten called Pop. 1280 the “hardest working scumbags in the scuzzfuckery business”, when recently raving about them in the Village Voice and on It’s on where you can listen to the band’s new album in its entirety, before it’s officially released on January 24 by New York label Sacred Bones Records. Titled The Horror, it’s a haunting hybrid of hatred and harassing post-punk. Violent guitars slice through layers of distortion and tin-pan percussion, while a creepy whisper of feedback adds a late-night deviance and a sick sense of perverted revelry. The album is thick and heavy, with a very dark, filthy finish, but while its grimy sound appears to be its most obvious attraction, The Horror has an oddly metaphorical core, consciously referencing the harsh reality of poverty in New York City. To put some of the band’s subject matter into context, you can read Sarah’s excellent piece written in 2010 reviewing the band’s 12″ record The Grid and explaining guitarist Ivan Lip’s connection with New York’s less privileged underclass.

After a couple of 7″ records and a 12″ vinyl release in 2010 Pop. 1280 seem ready to establish themselves in the scuzzy, grimy punk world, dominated by a growing number of artists associated with Sacred Bones Records. In 2011 the label released records by Zola Jesus, Moon Duo, Crystal Stilts and Psychic Ills, to go with previous releases by Nice Face, Gary War, Amen Dunes and The Pink Noise. Watch this band in 2011 as they climb the popularity ladder – you’ll hear more from them, I’m sure.

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