It’s curtains for you

Shadowy shoegaze dream-punk/pop band Night Manager released a perfectly-formed 7″ via Japanese label Big Love two months back, and yesterday it became available worldwide via Rough Trade. The three-song release captures the essence of the Brooklyn-via-Paris-and-San-Francisco band’s succinct pop with echoey melodies and doo wop-style vocals aching with an on-off nonchalance. Coming across as a softer, day-dreamier Be Your Own Pet or a more complex Best Coast, Night Manager heaps layers of scuzzy guitar reverb over fast drums and singalong-inspiring vocal melodies. Lead single ‘Ghost’ is pure pitch-shifting dreamy grunge-pop heaven, while first b-side ‘Platonic Lovers’ is an alternately sped-up/slowed-down ode in fine form. Final song ‘All Mine’ adds an old-school rock and roll croon-pop vibe to the mix.

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