Vegetarians Don’t Eat Fish

Some of you may remember an ex-Invercargill band named V!xens, led by Joel Wood. The band produced one excellent electro-pop 7″ before disappearing to Australia. Now fully established in Byron Bay, Joel has started a new band called Swamprattts, with Luke Yeaman and Brett Jansh, who both bring their own reputable musical talents to the band. They began performing together in late 2010 and have just posted 3 short “sketches” to their bandcamp. Joel says that, “over time the sketches begin to resemble more of a photograph”, capturing their early development as a band attempting to write more progressive pop songs. Of the three releases, Leucrotta is the most interesting and is structured like a traditional EP. It shows the band doodling with different guitar riffs and synth lines, tangling together unusual noises and muddy bass. Largely instrumental, the music is dark and dancey and is packed full of swampy surf rhythms. It’s early days for Swamprattts, but Joel says that Byron Bay has a emerging scene, naming Wilde Child and M Jack Bee as people of interest.

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