Eye of the beholder

One of the highlights from Camp A Low Hum, The All Seeing Hand are now embarking on a nationwide tour, playing 12 shows over four weeks around New Zealand. The Wellington trio combine staggering thrash drums at breakneck speed with indiscernible avant-garde vocals and extreme samples. The high-energy noise they create is like a religious experience, engulfing you in their creationism until you’re basically preaching at their altar. When we saw them play a little low-ceilinged hall in the bush outside of Wellington, they arranged themselves in a circle on the floor, with candles lining the beams above them. People were getting into it in an epic way. It was a sight to behold.

The merging of each member’s musical backgrounds makes for an incredibly unique experience. Drummer Ben Knight’s hardcore punk roots (Teen Hygiene, Rogernomix) come out in his relentless and manic yet incredibly controlled and restrained drum smashing. Meanwhile, former national turntable champion Alphabethead fuses insane otherworldly influences and Noel St Cosmos contributes creepy, guttural but utterly suiting vocals to the mix. They have to be seen to be believed!

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