Crystal Magic

When I last wrote about Dead Mellotron Josh Frazier was going it alone, making a hazy lo-fi racket from his home in Louisiana. He’s now based in Baltimore and has teamed up with three more musicians, known only to us as CC, Aimee and Russell – together producing Dead Mellotron’s third album, Glitter. The album’s first single ‘Stranger’ dropped recently and it’s equally as epic and hazy as his previous two records, but has more depth and polish. At 2 minutes 55 seconds it’s just a short slice, but it’s got all the intensity and integrity of a much grander project that will be revealed on May 7 by the fantastic team at Sonic Cathedral. It’s twisted harmonies and layered guitars make it a bustling number, like a tapestry of shoegaze’s greatest hits.

The video that accompanies the song gives off a blissful ’90s nostalgia. Check it out below and be sure to grab your copy of Glitter when it drops on May 7.

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