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Here’s a wee preview of a festival we’ll be hitting up when we’re in New York this June. It’s the latest compilation put together by the good folks behind FMLY Fest – featuring new songs from Truman Peyote, Alaskas and Winks, plus a number of dope jams from a bunch of sweet artists we’re yet to become acquainted with. We’re particularly feeling the dark vibe of Yohuna’s track, ‘It’s All Yours’, Alpha MC’s casio-hop number ‘By Any Means’ and Bayatas’ tropical-pop jam ‘The Hand Effect’. There’s also something special from our FMLY brother Cameron Rath – check out final track ‘Silence is Violence’. Everything here is awesome so you should download the whole thing. Pay what you want for 20 eclectic hits.

FMLY Fest : June 22/23//2012 Brooklyn, New York

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