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As an unabashed fan of The Map Room’s perfectly-formed pop songs and sister of its singer, guitarist and songwriter Simon Gooding, I approach every one of their releases with heart-palpitating, blubbering excitement.

When their debut single ‘Pilot’ dropped in March and their self-titled album was released in June, followed by appearances on major TV and radio shows, newspapers and blogs, I teared up with pride. I virtually tugged on the sleeves of everyone I knew on Facebook and Twitter. “Look at my brother! Isn’t he good?”

But isn’t it always like that with something you love? You tell the world!

Fandom has been a driving force in all of my creative pursuits; being physically related to the artist you’re writing about just makes it more special! Sheer enthusiasm, inspiration, and a desire to feel connected to the things and people I admire have always been my reasons for writing on EMJ.

And with that, I coax this blog out of its slumber, to share this shiny game of Chinese Whispers.

With some of its members being involved in recreational film production (via Lense Flare’s 48-Hour Film Festival entries), The Map Room was able to utilise talented friends to turn out a super-professional, visually-stunning first video.

Beneath its glossy surface is underlying drama, playing out with that eerie removed feeling that accompanies party scenes with muted ambient noise. Girls glide through rooms in slow-motion, sharing secrets while scenes shift from showering confetti to a deck of cards tossed in the air.

The song’s reflective qualities are illustrated with a warm, glowing light, and are done so in a way that only someone truly close to the band can.

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