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Fluro Envy!!!

If you have always been envious of ‘fluro kids’ then maybe think twice before expressing your opinion! Some people like bright colours, what’s wrong with that? Four of these ‘kids’ are in the band V!xens, and their music reflects just that. In an email to EMJ, band member Joel Wood says “pink and yellow and a light shade of blue are colours I try to achieve when I write/record the songs, sometimes grey and lilac get involved.” Currently in their final year studying towards Bachelors of Audio Design in Invercargill, their music sounds like a result of many audio experiments; “some things go right, some things go wrong”, but Joel is always happy with the final product.

He declares, “I guess not everyone will like every/any V!xens song but that’s cool, you don’t have to. I like them, they are like children, some have irregularities but that is just them.” Thankfully V!xens’ music is likeable, a messed up electronic blend of synthesisers, drum beats and deranged vocals. The band has released a 7″ blue vinyl which can be purchased through Melbourne label Envex Records (you may have to message them via myspace to get a copy). 500 copies were pressed and Joel says there are plenty left. A V!xens album is also in the pipelines, but when and where it will be made available is still not known.

Joel has kindly given us three songs to use as digital downloads, one of which (‘Uh Oh Uh Oh’) is an exclusive track he only finished two days ago. He says “Go nuts, music is for the world to enjoy.”

V!xens- Uh Oh Uh Oh: MP3

V!xens- Eating Disorder: MP3

V!xens- Real Boys and Tell Tales: MP3

V!xens- Myspace

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Vegetarians Don’t Eat Fish

Some of you may remember an ex-Invercargill band named V!xens, led by Joel Wood. The band produced one excellent electro-pop 7″ before disappearing to Australia. Now fully established in Byron Bay, Joel has started a new band called Swamprattts, with Luke Yeaman and Brett Jansh, who both bring their own reputable musical talents to the band. They began performing together in late 2010 and have just posted 3 short “sketches” to their bandcamp. Joel says that, “over time the sketches begin to resemble more of a photograph”, capturing their early development as a band attempting to write more progressive pop songs. Of the three releases, Leucrotta is the most interesting and is structured like a traditional EP. It shows the band doodling with different guitar riffs and synth lines, tangling together unusual noises and muddy bass. Largely instrumental, the music is dark and dancey and is packed full of swampy surf rhythms. It’s early days for Swamprattts, but Joel says that Byron Bay has a emerging scene, naming Wilde Child and M Jack Bee as people of interest.

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Top 20 Albums of 2009

The end of the year is upon us, and it has become EMJ tradition to reflect back and celebrate the year’s music with a list of the top 20 best albums released in 2009 as voted by the musicians of New Zealand. For a month we gathered from a huge array of artists based all over the country their lists of their five favourite albums from 2009. The votes have been tallied and the results are interesting, with a number of Kiwi releases featuring quite highly in the list. All will be revealed to you over the next week and a half right here, so keep checking back regularly!



The Horrors- Primary Colours

A flawless album; a grand masterpiece and voted overwhelmingly by New Zealand musicians as the best album released in 2009. Primary Colours presents The Horrors’ utopian dream, an intense, expanding journey through time, warping the modern mindset of structured society and breaking into the vault of ’80s British new-wave. The Horrors’ maturity on their second album has them on par with Radiohead, despite sounding more like Joy Division’s Closer than The Bends. It’s explosive, colourful and expansive; bludgeoning, awakening and full of passion. Each song has its own fury, building and climaxing like a giant wall of noise with shredded synths, heavily distorted guitars and dark imposing vocals. The album progresses like man’s own search for self discovery, at first bursting with energy and endurance, it’s then hacked at the knees and left gasping for breath. It emerges from the ordeal determined to break free and start over, ending with the fantasy freak out that is ‘Sea Within A Sea’, a beautiful endearing finale to a magical musical journey that will be remembered for decades to come.

The Horrors- Myspace


Grizzly Bear


Grizzly Bear- Veckatimest

Grizzly Bear created a wonderful mystery land to sink into with Veckatimest, a bafflingly pretty, haunting and intelligent rich tapestry pulled together in upstate New York and Cape Cod last summer. The enigmatic and regal sounding results have a breathtaking quality and it is here that the Brooklyn quartet hones its sound and breaks into the mainstream. Ed Droste’s operatic tenor soars and shivers next to Daniel Rossen’s croon, laden over Christopher Bear’s icy percussion and Chris Taylor’s breathless bass. Choral vocals are often the focal point, bringing more life, energy and personality into Grizzly Bear’s work than ever before. Their chamber pop spliced with psychedelia paints a grand, majestic scenery that would be nice to crawl into and inhabit. Its hallmark songs ‘Two Weeks’, ‘Cheerleader’, ‘Ready, Able’ and ‘While You Wait For The Others’ are all masterful creations seeped in grandeur. Grizzly Bear embodies that carefully considered area of modern pop music, where atmospheric detail is everything.

Grizzly Bear- Myspace


Animal Collective


Animal Collective- Merriweather Post Pavilion

Shaking the foundations of music with their pulsing bass, shimmering synths and dainty voices for years, AnCo, as they’re fondly known among fans, got the levels just right on their eighth release, Merriweather Post Pavilion. Always magical and fantastic, AnCo grew to great heights in MPP, its self-destructive passages coursing through veins of psychedelia to experiment with qualities of trance, rock and dismantled pop. As a three-piece here their collage of sounds comes to life to hauntingly majestic results. Single ‘My Girls’ captures the aspirations of the young in its soaring choral vocals, dancehall bass and arpeggio synths. It’s easily the most otherworldly and fascinating release of the year, the most removed but relevant collection of dreams and imagery and ideas brought forward in songs that are as varied as the planets. It also helped that MPP is the most accessible of all of Animal Collective’s releases, bringing hordes of people together as fans. Identifiable for its dense layers of atmospheric melodies and celebratory sound, MPP is a hallmark album of the ’00s, and one that sets the benchmark for the ’10s.

Animal Collective- Myspace




Lawrence Arabia- Chant Darling

James Milne’s fitting tribute to ’60s and ’70s pop has come full circle, from winning the Silver Scroll song writing award for his single ‘Apple Pie Bed’ to featuring notably in many end of year lists. Working with his friends, including members of The Phoenix Foundation, The Sneaks and Liam Finn, Chant Darling is Milne’s own resurrection of the mid-2000s NZ pop insurgence, when Milne himself released his debut album as well as an album with The Reduction Agents. He has a penchant for writing elegant pop riffs with wonderfully moulded melodies and his lyrics are often laced with some sort of amusing crackpot irony (“we love each other/ but we hate each other/ we’re afraid of each other/ because we want to screw each other”). He lived in London during the period when most of the songs were written and the swinging London style comes through strongly, especially on ‘Eye A’ and ‘Apple Pie Bed’. Others dabble in psychedelia (‘The Undesirables’, ‘Auckland CBD Part Two’) and ‘I’ve Smoked Too Much’ has an overt sense of Kiwiana.

Lawrence Arabia- Myspace




Sharpie Crows- Greed

Only two bands have made it into the EMJ top 20 two years in a row, the first was Deerhunter (#2 in 2008, #20 in 2009) and the second band is Sharpie Crows (#9 in 2008) with their fantastic sophomore album Greed. Self-released in January, before the band relocated to Melbourne, fans predominately got their hands on Greed at live shows (although it is now available on bandcamp). The band had no label backing and did all distribution themselves. Continuing their unique assault on the New Zealand punk scene, Greed is darker and more aggressive than their first album, We Fought The Great White Whale. Built on a solid foundation of repetitive bass notes and tumultuous drum beats, Josh Jenkins (bass) and Jackson Hobbs (drums) provide the perfect bed for Casey Latimer (guitar) and Sam Bradford (keys/vocals) to unleash squelches of violent noise and wild vocals. Their songs can sound messy and shambolic but there’s always a tight rhythm that pulls everything into line. Bradford’s lyrics are again packed with satire, at times attacking and offensive, he describes song writing as “a place where I can be an absolute fucker, childish and sarcastic and utterly unreasonable.”

Sharpie Crows- Myspace


The Mint Chicks


The Mint Chicks- Screens

The Auckland punk-turned-experimental-pop quartet-turned-trio caused controversy among old fans with their unusually sedate third album Screens, released in March. Gone was the wayward frenetic power punk spite of 2006’s acclaimed Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! and 2005’s Fuck The Golden Youth. Screens emphasised effects and production. Vocoder is used heavily throughout, and Kody’s angry spitting is transformed into a sweet melodic croon. Moments of catchiness abound in songs like ‘Hot On Your Heels’ and ‘Don’t Sell Your Brain Out, Baby’, as is typical for The Mint Chicks, however bassist Michael Logie’s absence is sorely felt. Where his sprightly basslines once steered the way, since his departure the trio has turned inward and embellished their experimental tendencies. It worked out to varying degrees of popularity among listeners, but their reverence among New Zealand musicians is still high.

The Mint Chicks- Myspace




Lightning Bolt- Earthly Delights

Are they the loudest band in the world? Some fans who attended their recent New Zealand shows say so, and it’s perhaps the reason that Earthly Delights is so high on this year’s list. Because this, Lightning Bolt’s fifth album, is hardly a major diversion or a progression for the band, it’s simply doing what they do best (intense, fast paced noise with bottomless bass riffs and speedy drums) with a few subtle changes. I’m not saying that Lightning Bolt doesn’t deserve 7th spot (because all of their albums are of the same high calibre), I’m merely suggesting that because they toured NZ in’09 a lot more people took time to listen to them, whereas previously they only had a small niche following. As far as differentiating Earthly Delights from their previous releases, it has more of a metal quality, of the stoner variety that uses a lot of lower end notes and less thick punchy chords. Still, all the songs could fit comfortably on to any Lightning Bolt record, because while it works they have no reason to change.

Lightning Bolt- Myspace




The XX- XX

So much music out of the UK this year has been bland, especially in comparison to the exciting explosions of sound we’ve heard out of the USA. London’s The XX is one of the few exceptions, having the highest rated debut album in this year’s EMJ list. Emerging from relative obscurity mid-year to become one of the most talked about bands of 2009, The XX’s climb up the indie charts is a credit to their very consistent self-titled debut. Singer Romy Madley Croft’s voice is seductive, Oliver Sim answers back in a sly drool and the heart of The XX melts like chocolate. It’s all very sexy, in a dirty adulterated way, providing the perfect soundtrack for the bedroom that’s bent from its trip-hop roots. Croft’s voice definitely appeals to those who adore Beth Gibbons (Portishead), but on the inside there’s a voice speaking to a younger generation who find themselves growing up in a time of change and uncertainty. XX is an album of emotional insecurities, but is also an album that celebrates life from an unusually acute direction; crying and laughing in the same sentence.

 The XX- Myspace




The Flaming Lips- Embryonic

The Flaming Lips’ follow up to At War With The Mystics (2006) takes somewhat of a psychotic journey back in time, travelling back to the late-90s when the band was at their most psyched out, alienated best. But Embryonic offers such an eclectic cross-pollination of genres that it’s difficult to tell if the band is deliberately interfering with the past or just trying replicate it in some kind of whacked out time machine. Only as the 70-minute opus draws to a close does Wayne Coyne admit “I’ve got no secrets to hide”, perhaps addressing the fact that many questioned his ideology behind making an album that seemed to embrace so many elements The Flaming Lips had experimented with in the past. Psychedelic music isn’t exactly stale and as chameleons of the musical genre The Flaming Lips have simply changed their stripes. The music has not changed, it has simply been regurgitated as a more exciting, messed up arrangement. Embryonic is the climax to everything The Flaming Lips have released over the past thirteen years, wrapping every element of their unique sound into 18 tracks of mind blowing grandeur. One can only wonder, what will they do next?

 The Flaming Lips- Myspace




Dirty Projectors- Bitte Orca

Uniquely classical in its timing, appeal and orchestration, Bitte Orca was instantly hailed as one of 2009’s best albums when it was released in June. Unfortunately come December the hype seems to have faded slightly, and the album has been struggling to crack the top 10 on many end of year lists. However it hasn’t stopped Dirty Projectors having a polarising effect on some listeners, marking the bands rise in popularity seven years after releasing their debut album. It’s in the birdlike vocal melodies and the rich harmonics that Dirty Projectors finally made their mark. Songwriter David Longstreth bought in Amber Coffman and Angel Deradoorian to add a highly featured female voice, most notably on hit single ‘Stillness Is The Move’, but also on backing vocals throughout the album. The pair complemented Longstreth remarkably well and gave his music the extra push it needed to reach a wider ranging audience. But while the singing garnished the most praise, Longstreth’s unusual fractured instrumentation and unconventional time signatures added another strange dimension to Bitte Orca, making the album a grand statement of eccentric art.

Dirty Projectors- Myspace




Wilberforces- Haunted

Wilberforces burst into 2009 with unrivaled ferocity and passion. Storming stages with an abrasive sound and an aggressive live show, they earned a devoted following at their frequent live shows and when time came for the much talked about Haunted to be released anticipation was extremely high. I wasn’t really surprised with how good it was; we’d grown familiar with their biting wit and catchy songs, it was just a matter of laying down the tracks and getting it out there. From start to finish Haunted is succinct and sharp, to the point but not perilously short. The hazy screen of layers that unfolds in single ‘Tidal Waves’ proved to be a favourite musical moment of ’09, the storm-water of Thom Burton and Emily Littler’s guitars swirling around their vicious vocals and murderous drums. Though there are so many good songs on this album it’s hard to choose a favourite, among the clear stand outs are ‘My Mind Is In My Paws’ and ‘Sirens’, whose interplay of duo vocals and obnoxious ‘la la la’s make it an obvious highlight. With the post-album departure of epic skins man Callum Sleigh to Melbourne, the band fortunately did not crumble and fade. They got even tighter! Chris Varnham abandoned his keyboard duties and picked up the drum sticks. Though Wilberforces’ future remains up in the air as reportedly Mean Street has now moved to Melbourne, taking Emily (a member of both bands) with them, we can only cross our fingers and hope for regular Wilberforces reunions.

Wilberforces- Myspace




Dear Time’s Waste- Room For Rent

In 2009 Claire Duncan emerged from the shadows, her previous solo excursions gave way to Dear Time’s Waste; a new project with a new moniker. The haunting, ethereal quality of her voice and songs captured many hearts, with its beautiful melodies and interestingly unusual production choices. Auckland-based Duncan’s EP Room For Rent showcase a unique singing style, that is at once delicately birdlike and also as if processed through a mouthful of gravel. The frequently swirling atmospherics give the EP a light, airy quality that takes the weight off the lyrics and often dark melodies. With instruments sparingly assembled, these songs are faithfully recreated live, where Duncan and band prove they are world class, both in their own shows and various support slots (including with Deerhunter). Stand out songs featured prominently on bnet radio include ‘Cows’ with its eerie howls and ‘Clandestine’ with its cautiously thunderous drumming. Duncan has a strong grasp of her vocal abilities and harnesses these to great effect, the changing style of her voice most apparent in the final track ‘Is This What You Had In Mind?’. Room For Rent is memorable for its moving songs and distinct style.

Dear Time’s Waste- Myspace




The Decemberists- The Hazards Of Love

Since releasing their debut album Castaways and Cutouts in 2002 on the Kill Rock Stars label The Decemberists have been one of the most consistent bands in the world. However their fifth album The Hazards of Love is undoubtedly their most ambitious; a concept album centred around the forbidden love between a woman named Margaret and a shape shifter, complete with different characters to keep the narration interesting. Clouded with complex string arrangements and drifting vocal harmonies, The Hazards of Love almost feels like it has a spiritual voice, promoting peace and communion and guiding listeners to a place in Colin Meloy’s imagination that is away from all the destruction and heartbreak of the modern world. The 17-track album flows like a novel, with no clear single, only chapters to highlight breaks in the story. Four songs adopt the album title, all with their own unique subheadings to exit one stanza and open another. A number of guests appear on the album, that in some way proves The Decemberists’ status. They include Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond), Robyn Hitchcock and Jim James (My Morning Jacket).

 The Decemberists- Myspace




Fuck Buttons- Tarot Sport 

Aided by producer Andrew Weatherall, who famously produced Primal Scream’s Screamadelica, Fuck Buttons decided to overhaul their sound and go forward with a noisier, bouncier version, scraping the floor with a heavy dose of synthesizers and drum machines. Unlike their first album, 2008’s Street Horrrsing, which built musical soundscapes using guitars and My Bloody Valentine style distorted noise, Tarot Sport is concocted purely from the electronic arts. The seven track, epic monologue is a journey into the darkness of space, time and psychedelia, at times getting lost inside itself but always emerging with a grand design. Fuck Buttons is a noise band, and despite offering a somewhat eclectic output of Animal Collective-esque synth pop their melodies lie in the meandering drones that sit beneath each song, five of which are over eight minutes long.

 Fuck Buttons- Myspace


 Fever Ray


Fever Ray- Fever Ray

Eerie and other-worldly is how many would describe Sweden’s Fever Ray, the minimalist synth-heavy electronic solo project of The Knife’s Karin Dreijer (with co-producers Christoffer Berg, Van Rivers and the Subliminal Kid). Her self-titled debut album is not as initially grabbing as The Knife’s punctual, raw elements on 2006’s Silent Shout, but has prompted many critics to relate about its darkly detached icy atmosphere and frosty, wintry moods. Capturing fans’ imaginations with its ten tracks of wistful ambient music, there are odd elements of new age mysticism in the album, inherent in the spacey synths and pulsating beats. Swapping between pitch-shifted and pure unfettered vocals, Dreijer tells stories direct from her heart in fragile tones. Melodies like soft bird calls hum above less-than-relaxing drones, with vocals at times subtly shrieking not unlike Björk, and at other times grossly multi-tracked, a style The Knife made popular. Fever Ray was favoured locally amongst the bnets, and continues to grow its fan base, but seems yet to penetrate the mainstream properly. It could be that Fever Ray is just too abstract and unfamiliar, however it’s pulled many fans (and votes for this list), so it could just be a matter of time.

Fever Ray- Myspace




Nevernudes- Nevernudes’ First EP

From an enthusiastic group of young Auckland punk bands attempting to spark a punk revival, Nevernudes clearly stand out. Still, their debut EP recorded by former Mint Chicks bassist Michael Logie is possibly the most surprising inclusion in this year’s list. The young band admit themselves that their first EP is more like a set of demos, but to many listeners it came across stronger than that, matching the quality of a lot of lo-fi punk recordings being released world-wide. The energy of their rhythms, the catchiness of their lyrics and the raw aggression of their chugging guitar riffs, coupled with their ability to form the perfect vocal melody all shine through, proving they have all the basics worked out and are well on their way to achieving more illustrious goals. The entire EP is available for free download from Nevernudes’ bandcamp page.

 Nevernudes- Myspace




Phoenix- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

2009 was the year that French poppers Phoenix broke into the mainstream. After 14 years of toiling away quietly on their jittery, literate pop rock, releasing such considered albums as It’s Never Been Like That and United, the quartet’s fifth album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, came out and blew everyone away. The spluttering vocal spurts and shiny guitar parts formed a party that everyone wanted to attend. The band’s sprightly sound has always been characterised by clean parts and intellectual lyrics, and the band by their various connections to the film and fashion industries (lead singer Thomas Mar is married with child to Sophia Coppola, for one). They’ve grown considerably with WAP – glitzy low-end synths punctuate songs like ‘Rome’ and ‘Girlfriend’ (the latter of which is considerably Krautrocky) that at a stretch sound like they could have had some psychological influence seep through from their relationship with fellow Parisians Daft Punk. Phoenix guitarist Laurent Brancowitz was, after all, in a band with them prior to Phoenix, called Darlin’. WAP is a very mature, kaleidoscopic and realised sound for the band, and its great to see their talents come to fruition in such a well-rounded release. Syncopated drums and intelligently interlocking bass, guitar and vocal melodies characterise much of the album. A perfect example of the cleanly produced sound is ‘Love Like A Sunset (Planetarium)’. Sing-a-long vocals and threadbare bass jitter along with urgency and hi-hat clasps, making for a bouncy, energetic, fun and sentimental sound.

Phoenix- Myspace




St. Vincent- Actor

After a year and a half of constant touring in support of her brilliant debut album Marry Me, Annie Clark returned to her home in Brooklyn, New York tired and exhausted. Needing some solid time out, she took a step back from writing music and spent many hours lying on her couch re-visiting her favourite childhood films. It was in the films that she found inspiration to write the songs for Actor, drafting songs using the computer programme Garage Band. Unable to make loud noises in her apartment, she composed the songs by drawing musical notes and without playing any instruments. In an interview with EMJ earlier in the year she explained, “What I would do was just draw in notes until it sounded like I thought it should sound. There was a lot more mathematical thinking than musical thinking in making it.” The end result showed no signs of any couch-potato lethargy, many of the songs appeared sprightly and animated with a bright, bubbly sentimentality, representing strongly the accompanying movie scenes. The song ‘Marrow’ was written to a scene in The Wizard of Oz; ‘The Strangers’ goes with a scene from Sleeping Beauty and many of the other songs fit with scenes in Woody Allen films.

St. Vincent- Myspace




HEALTH- Get Color

The abrasive, visceral attack of LA four-piece HEALTH has been documented before in their self-titled 2007 debut of epic proportions, and now the leading noise makers are back. Get Color is a hypnotic collection of dreamy, ethereal, hardcore noise. Beautifully dreamy and floating abstract vocal melodies ride atop cyclops drums and demented wiry guitar, powered by that infamous homemade Zoothorn pedal (used for both guitar and mic effects). The quartet has earned its very deserved stripes starting off by playing at its second home The Smell alongside buddies No Age and Mika Miko, who have also gone on to achieve great things. But HEALTH is unlike any other. While No Age belt out slacker/riot grunge anthems and Mika Miko revive shouty quirky punk in its best possible form, HEALTH is arguably more unique in its concoction of various elements. It’s a constant tug of war between the elements – dreamy eeriness vs gutter punk noise. The synchronicity of the band and its effortless combination of styles makes for a riveting and powerful sound, allowing them to last longer than contemporaries and split record/tour buddies Crystal Castles, who unfortunately appeared to implode after various dramas and press sieges overpowered them. Get Color is a mighty beast of a release and it’s no surprise it got the amount of votes it did. In fact, I’m surprised it didn’t do better.

HEALTH- Myspace




Deerhunter- Rainwater Cassette Exchange

The Atlanta, Georgia favourites had to be in there somewhere after repeatedly blowing us away time and again with each release and coming in at number two on our 2008 End of Year List with Microcastle. This year’s offering, Rainwater Cassette Exchange, is interestingly an EP, however that did not stop it garnering enough votes in our list to earn it the 20th spot. The group’s trademark chugging bassline-driven rhythms are ever present, swirly atmospherics and dazzling guitar-play all float airily along with Bradford Cox’s unmistakable, snarly tenor. All the songs sound like classics at first listen, and grow to sound like old familiar friends with repeat visits, of which it gets many. A contender among the top best songs in ’09 could well be third track ‘Famous Last Words’, with its alien warble and toe-tapping rhythm. Rainwater Cassette Exchange is a short but perfectly formed release, making for a very memorable listen.

Deerhunter- Myspace

A big thanks to the following bands/ musicians who voted: Catholic Guilt, These Dancing Wolves, Grayson Gilmour, Insurgents, TFF, 1995, Capsul, The Phoenix Foundation, Roy Irwin, The Hairdos, Canadia, Nice Birds, The Brunettes, The Postures, Wildwood Lights, Teacups, Sets, Hypercolour, The Veils, Clap Clap Riot, Panther and the Zoo, The Enright House, Dear Time’s Waste, Damsels, The Mint Chicks, Crackhouse 5, Connan Mockasin, Bandicoot, V!xens, Bright Lights, Radio Over Moscow, Dylan Storey, The Map Room, Lydia Cole, Dinosaur Club, The Bemsha Swing, Sharpie Crows, Little Pictures, The Debutantes, Doteyes, Nevernudes, Yule, Moron Says What?!, Thought Creature, The Hungry Caterpillar, Bang! Bang! Eche!, Street Chant, God Bows To Math, Luke Buda, Snowfield, Dyke! Dyke! Dyke!, Over The Atlantic, Mr Sterile Assembly, Sam Flynn Scott, The Sing Songs,  Sherpa, Sleepy Age, Timothy Blackman, Ragamuffin Children, Bear Cat, The Gladeyes, Bond Street Bridge, Kittentank, Secret Knives, and So So Modern.

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Hidden Beneath The Waterfall


A few nights ago I was lucky enough to have a chat with Sanna and Emilia from Finnish band Dinosauruxia. They were resting after a few nights out celebrating their graduation from High School. We chatted for just over an hour about the girls’ cosmic relationship before the late night took hold of me and I became the tired one. 

The duo first met in The Faroe Islands, a small group of islands that lie in the waters approximately half-way between Iceland and Scotland. The islands are officially an autonomous province of Denmark, but have close ties with Norway. “We met eight years ago at school as ten-year-olds,” they say. Now aged 18, they both live in Finland, where they have just graduated from High School. Describing themselves as best friends, they say, “We got separated for a while but our souls met again… and we’ve been BFFs ever since.”

They have been playing music together for about three years now, but declare “About a year ago we got more serious about it.” Now that school is out they are both looking forward to having a bit more freedom. School has restricted their ability to arrange shows and tour throughout Finland, and now that it’s over they feel it is a good opportunity to focus on the band’s popularity. With school out the girls say “Music is the focus” and they will now be able to spend a lot more time together, whereas previously they have worked separately. Sanna says, “We both do all sorts of things, but most of it separately in our own bedrooms. Mostly Emilia focuses on doing the lyrics and vocals. But now that we have more time we can do everything together.”

School has only been out a week or so and they’ve been celebrating with their friends. They joke, “We tried the Finnish way of partying. It felt very authentic… also, we got nice hats. It was pretty intense.”

The pair also enjoy photography; the photos on their myspace page show that they are very capable photographers and that they have some very creative friends. “It’s in our inner authentic nature. We are deeply connected to our cameras,” they say. Dressing up also adds to the artistic value, “Dressing up of course makes life easier, but sometimes we just like to be bare naked.” However, despite now calling Finland home they still admit to missing the Faroe Islands, especially when it comes to photography. “Faroe Islands is our hearts’ homeland and we love the waterfalls, mountains and fog. To be honest naked photography was easier in the Faroe Islands – it felt more natural. Here it just feels dirty.”

The girls’ creative essence has also led to the making of a couple of wonderful music videos. With the help of their friends; they say a special thanks to “the beautiful designer Antii Asplund”, they have been able to make two different videos for their song ‘Sky (Time Is Unfolding)’. Unfortunately Finnish television (there’s a music channel called Voice) isn’t quite as accommodating as music television here in New Zealand. They say “Finnish TV doesn’t care about tiny bands’ music. It mostly consists of bands who have huge labels backing them.” You can however watch the two videos on the Dinosauruxia myspace page.

Despite growing up and living in a non-English speaking country, a large number of their songs are sung in English, Emilia explains, “We grew up watching American soaps without dubbing, so we couldn’t help but learn English. Also, English felt more natural to us because then we can reach a wider audience, so it heats more hearts in the world.” The majority of people in Finland, however, do speak Finnish and they sing a number of songs in the Finnish language. They say “Finnish is a really fun language, we’ve been working on two songs that are in Finnish.”

 “we’re primal beings, raw animals, big fleshy pieces of space’s love…”

Towards the end of 2009, Dinosauruxia will be releasing a split 7″ vinyl with New Zealand band Moron Says What?!. No one’s entirely sure exactly how it came to happen, but it has something to do with the power of the internet. “Actually we got discovered through myspace by the lovely Envex Records, which is now planning to release a split EP record with Moron Says What?! and us. The whole experience has been really heartwarming and we’d love to visit Australia and New Zealand,” the girls candidly admit. The Norway based Envex Records has previously worked with New Zealand band V!xens, releasing V!xens’ V for Victory EP.  

The split EP will be Dinosauruxia’s first official release (apart from a demo CD the band has floating about) and they are looking at the EP as the first step towards gaining more fans ahead of recording an album. They say “Yes, we have talked about releasing a whole album,  but we’ll see what happens when the split comes out. Maybe some touring first so that people can get to get inside our music and we wont come out as a shock to the world. Because sometimes we do; sometimes it is very nasty, sometimes it’s warmer than being in a sauna with all the clothes on.”

And of course the question on everyone’s lips, what is the meaning behind the name Dinosauruxia? Well, there’s a slightly cryptic answer: “We’re primal beings, raw animals, big fleshy pieces of space’s love. It’s hard to explain and even harder to be. It came to us in a dream.”

Dinosauruxia- Bubblez: MP3

Dinosauruxia- Ecstacy Braincells: MP3

Dinosauruxia- Sky (Time Is Unfolding): MP3

Dinosauruxia- Myspace

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Most Promising Up and Coming New Zealand Band of 2008


Over the past three weeks the public has voted for who they believe is New Zealand’s most promising up and coming band of 2008. With 41% of the vote, V!xens is this years winner. A huge congratulations to V!xens from EMJ and everyone who voted.

Earlier in the year we featured V!xens on EMJ. They caught our attention after we were recommended them by Alessandra from Moron Says What?!?! . Their song ‘Uh Oh Uh Oh’ quickly became a favourite of ours and it’s remained on rotation throughout the year. We are also delighted to be able to tell you that V!xens have a brand new EP, released as a free download only. While the new songs are a bit different from the ones on the band’s myspace, they illustrate quite clearly that V!xens are prepared to experiment and grow their sound.

Free Download of New V!xens EP

V!xens- Uh Oh Uh Oh: MP3

V!xens- Myspace

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EMJ’s Most Promising Up and Coming New Zealand Band

EMJ Award
Who is New Zealand’s most promising up and coming band?


It’s voting season and in the spirit of democracy we would like to give you the chance to have your say. After a lot of thought and many hours spent listening and watching to a huge selection of exciting young New Zealand bands, we have come up with a list of six bands we believe are worthy of this nomination. The only real criteria for this award was new bands that first grabbed our attention in 2008. The band does not necessarily have to have formed in 2008. You may or may not agree with us, but we hope that one of these bands has excited you enough to get your vote. If you think another band was worthy of nomination then feel free to leave a comment.

We ran this same poll last year and the winner was Bang! Bang! Eche!

Unfortunately we were unable to secure a prize for this award, but we hope that some pride can be taken from gaining the public’s appreciation. The poll will be open until Friday, November 26.

V!xens- Myspace

God Bows To Math- Myspace

The Sing Songs- Myspace

Princess Chelsea- Myspace

Mean Street- Myspace

Teacups- Myspace

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The Einstein Music Show

with Nick and Sarah, Fridays 3 – 6am (NZ time)


Friday, October 10, 2008. EMJ’s Best Songs Of 2008

Best Friends Forever- Handpocket (Nick)
Be Your Own Pet- Creepy Crawl (Sarah)
Graffiti Island- Head Hunters (N)
Telepathe- The March (S)
The Hungry Caterpillar- Supply & Demand (N)
Best Fwends- Aww-some (S)
She & Him- Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? (N)
The Mae Shi- See U Again (S)
Tiger Tones- Seventeen (N)
The Death Set- Negative Thinking (S)
Cowtown- Curtis Tigers (N)
MGMT- Time To Pretend (S)
Sharpie Crows- Nazi Womb (N)
Late Of The Pier- Focker (S)
The Dutchess and The Duke- Reservoir Park (N)
Clipd Beaks- Melter (S)
The Jellyfish Bandits- Ghostical Love (N)
Black Moth Super Rainbow- Sun Lips (S)
Lullatone- The Bedtime Beatbox (N)
A Place To Bury Strangers- To Fix The Gash In Your Head (S)
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head- Slow Motion Tag Team (S)
The Sing Songs- Pamphlet Baby (N)
Passion Pit- Sleepy Head (S)
Jay Reatard- Fluorescent Grey (N)
Chad VanGaalen- Phantom Anthills (S)
Thought Creature- Winter Is Over (N)
I Heart Hiroshima- Lungs (N)
Blood On The Wall- Sorry Sorry Sarah (S)
Gay Against You- Gay Unicorn (N)
High Places- New Grace (S)
Bang! Bang! Eche!- Nikee (N)
Megapuss- Crop Circle Jerk ’94 (S)
Girl Talk- Here’s The Thing (S)
V!xens- Uh Oh Uh Oh (N)
Tokyo Police Club- Nursery, Academy (S)
Rye Rye- Shake It To The Ground (N)
Grampall Jookabox- The Girl Ain’t Preggers (S)
The Widow Babies- Mike Matt Created The Universe With A Bass Solo (N)
Din Glorious- I Drive Dinosaurs (N)
Little Joy- No One’s Better Sake (S)

Top 10!

TacocaT- Bike Party (N)
Princess Chelsea- Yulia (S)
Screaming Females- Boyfriend (N)
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down- Beat (Health, Life & Fire) (S)
Human Highway- Sleep Talking (N)
Lissy Trullie- Self Taught Learner (S)
Connan Mockasin- Macheeky (N)
Crystal Castles- Courtship Dating (S)
Liars- Disgusting (N)
Railcars- There Is Ice; It Is Blue (S)


Friday, October 3, 2008

New Faces- My Alarm
Faded Paper Figures- Logos
Rainbow Arabia- Let Them Dance
Reporter- Set Fire
Dressy Bessy- Do You Whisper?
Girl In A Coma- Clumsy Sky
Mutators- Police Eyelash
Comanechi- Death Of You
Foot Village- Grow Call
Birth Glow- Batman
Dinowalrus- Duke Nuke Em
Proffesor Murder- Champion
Britney Spears- Womanizer (The Teenagers remix)
Yo! Majesty- Booty Clap
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head- Me + Yr Daughter
XX Teens- Darlin
A Place To Bury Strnagers- To Fix The Gash In Your Head
Graffti Island- Headhunters
German- I Am So German
Ear PWR- Diamondz, Liquor, Leather
Styrofoam- Bright Red Helmet
Blink 182- Dammit
Tom Tom Club- Genius Of Love
Rayzaflo- Letz Get It Popn
Santogold- Creator
The Decemberists- Valerie Plame
Megapuss- Theme From Hollywood
The Zombies- Leave Me Be
Little Joy- Brand New Start
Human Highway- The Sound
The Wedding Present- Caroline No
White Swan Black Swan- Super 8 Movies
St Helens- How To Choose Your Guru pt 2
God Bows To Math- Prep H
Golden Silvers- Magic Touch
Pete Doherty- Grace Wastelands
Nic Dalton- She’s Really Lying Now
Kittentank- A Thousand Days
Chad VanGaalen- Phantom Anthills
Jay Reatard- Gamma Ray (Beck cover)
The Faint- Get Seduced
The Kinks- Wicked Annabella
Amanda Palmer- Guitar Hereo
Iran- Buddy
Internet Forever- Break Bones
Snowfield- If This Is Liberty Then Give Me Death
Over The Atlantic- Loveless Devotion

Friday, September 26, 2008

Amadou and Miriam – Sabali
Hotel Am See – Wanna Mummy You
WOMEN – Black Rice
Vivian Girls – My Baby Wants Me Dead
Black Dice – Kokomo
Videohippos – Cool Shades
The Muslims – Besides Myself
Born Ruffians – Wedding Rings and Midnight Strollers
Amanda Palmer – Oasis
Best Friends Forever – Handpocket
Evangelicals – Skeleton Man
Gang Gang Dance – First Communion
Sebastien Grainger – The Rhythm Method
Electrocute – Uh Oh
Enfant Terrible – Lobster Quadrille
Eats Tapes – Yes You Didn’t
Sumkid – Chuck Norris On Drugs
Rye Rye and M.I.A – Tic Toc
Jay Z and Kanye West – Jockin’ Jay Z
EAR PWR – Diamondz, Liquor, Leather
John Maus – Bennington
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Milk Skates
My Tiger My Timing – This Is Not The Fire
Lipstick Machine – Song Fifteen
Frank Zappa – Muffin Man
Mutators – Instinct
Soiled Mattress & The Springs – Tidal Wave
City Center – Summer School
Pocahaunted – Riddim Queen
Death In Gaza – Ten Eight Pt. 1
Fuckwolf – Mardi Gras
The Music Tapes – Majesty
New Collapse – Fellow Man
Mystery Jets – Zoo Time
Snob Scrilla – Chasing Ghosts
Ben Thompson – Wooh Yeah Sirens
Rayzaflo – Letz Get It Popn
Deerhoof – Offend Maggie
Graffiti Island – Headhunters
Blood On The Wall – Sorry Sorry Sarah
Ima Fucking Gymnast – We’re Professionals
Megapuss – Crop Circle Jerk ’94
The Lady Tigra – Switchblade Kitty
Yo! Majesty – Booty Clap
Little Joy – No One’s Better Sake


Friday, September 19, 2008 (Nick only)

The Jellyfish Bandits- Ghostical Love
Kittentank- Shopping Fior Therapy
Screaming Tea Party- Death Egg
Glass Candy- Candy Castle
Ultcult- Five Bedrooms Two Lounges
Stereo Total- I Am Naked
The Horrors- Little victories
Lipstick Machine- Song Fifteen
Vivian Girls- My Baby Wants Me Dead
Land Of Talk- Corner Phone
The Widow Babies- Mike Watt Created The Universe With A Bass Solo
Magick Daggers- She Bleeds Rubies
Blood Red Shoes- Stitch Me Back
Comanechi- Death Of You
Mayor Daley- Teflon President
Telepathe- Devils Trident
V!xens- Real Girls and Tell Tales
The Hungry Caterpillar- Swan Relics
Brand New Math- Space Food
Fig Leaves- Cygnus
Bang! Bang! Eche!- You and Me (thick as theives)
M.I.A- Hit That
Yo! Majesty- Break Bread
Hackney Death Squad- Cat Killa
Bolt Action Five- Face Of The Beast
Heartsrevolution- Ultraviolence
Hotel am See- Wanna Mummy You
The Dead Kennerdys- Lets Lynch The Landlord
Black Folk- Silicone Wet Nurse
Erase Errata- Taz Dollar
Best Friends Forever- Handpocket
Lexie Mountain Boys- Too Tall Too Tall
Lackthereof- Choir Practice
SLUG- Freak of Nature
The Raincoats- Fairytale In The Supermarket
The Bemsha Swing- Radical Pension
Daughters- Recorded Inside A Pyramid
Hawnay Troof- Connection
The Damned- Anti-Pope
Actor/Model- I Dot Heart
Bellmer Dolls- Push! Push!
Shapie Crows- I’ll Haunt You
Rye Rye + M.I.A- Tic Toc
Deerhoof- GUT Symmetries
Black Moth Super Rainbow- Milk Skates


Friday, September 12, 2008

Hawnay Troof- Connection
The Slits- Earthbeat
God Bows To Math- Prep H
X-Ray Specs- Art-i-fical
Wilberforces- Tidal Waves
The Okmoniks- What I Want
Jaguar Love- Bats Over The Ocean
Dream Bitches- Mothers Day
Suburban Reptiles- Megaton
Benji Hughes- I Went With Some Friends To See The Flaming Lips
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head- Slow motion Tag Team
Bear Cat- Red Panda Blues
Human Highway- Sleep Talking
Death Sentence Panda- Slumber Party
Koufax- Any Moment Now
Kid Sister- Control
Tommy Ill- Toast and Tea Kettles
Tom Waits- Down In The Hole (live in Atlanta, 5/7/08)
France Gall- Polichinelle
The Lisps- The Winter That I Missed
Envelopes- Boat
Yeasayer- Sunrise
Chicks On Speed- Give me Back My Man
V!xens- Uh Oh Uh Oh
Teeth- Yacght (live)
Milk ‘n’ Cookies- Chance To Play
Eat Skull- Beach Brains
Deerhoof- GUT Symmetries
Ponytail- Beg Waves
Urinals- I’m A Bug
White Lies- Unfinished Business
Mayer Daley- Song 3
U.S. Girls- Days (Kinks Cover)
Jay Reatard- See/ Saw
Quintron- Model Ex-Citizen
Jolie Holland- Mexico City
Modey Lemon- Rainbow Beard
red Steers- Pointe Du Lac
Crystal Antlers- Owe
TV On The Radio- Dancing Choose
The Pink Noise- Oh Caroline
The Bristols- He’ll Never Come Back
Ringo Deathstar- Sweet Girl
Sic Alps- Clubbing For $$
Holiday With Friends- Home Is No Holiday
The Jellyfish Bandits- Ghostical Love
Future Of The Left- The Hope That House Built
Widow Babies- Mike Watt Created The World With A Bass Solo
Sharpie Crows- I’ll Haunt You


Friday, August 29, 2008

Fiery Furnaces- Ex-Guru
Yo! Majesty- Break Bread
TV On The Radio- Golden Age
Zach Hill- Keep Calm Carry On
The Widow Babies- Mike Wall Created The Universe With A Bass Solo
Grampall Jookabox- That Steamboat Gothic Stomp
Jay Reatard- Fluorescent Grey
Woodhands- Breaking Up
Miranda July- No One Belongs Here More Than You
The Libertines- What a Waster
Screaming Tea Party- Death Egg
Yikes- The Cars
Weird War- Girls Like That
Tom Tom Club- Genius Of Love
Jay Z- Jockin Jay Z
F in Math- Meaningless Advice
Adventure- Wild Wild Ride
Icy Demons- Miami Ice
Megaheroes- Lifeforce Warrior
Vivian Girls- Wild Eyes
Vancougar- Phone Calls
Free Kitten- Seasick
Sleater Kinney- Banned From The End Of The World
Mean Street- You Do The Math
Fuck Dress- Suburban Nietzsche Freak
Best Friends Forever- Handpocket
Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship- Restart My Heart
Thought Creature- One Day I Turned Into A Spider
Of Montreal- Gallery Piece
Railcars- There Is Ice; It is Blue
The Ritz- It’s The…
Math The Band- Wear Wolf
V!xens- Uh Oh Uh Oh
Fizzy Dino Pop- Nu With a U
Lupe Fiasco- Birds and Bees (unreleased)
Alex The Kid- Theme Song
Candy Coated Killahz- I Can’t Stop
Mas Y Mas- Pop Psychology
Eat Skull- Beach Brains
Ginger Brown- Who Scared Who
Money Mark- Don’t Miss The Boat
Matt and Kim- Good Ol’ Fashioned Nitemare
BARR- Is All For Updated
The Bemsha Swing- Hunting Racoons
Does It Offend You, Yeah?- We Are Rock Stars
Land Of Talk- Some Are Lakes
Wilberforces- Tidal Waves
The Jellyfish Bandits- Ghostical Love


Friday August 22, 2008

Bearhands- Bad Blood
Psychedelic Horseshit- Silent Speed
Grampall Jookabox- The Girl Aint Preggers
DAT Politics- Viper Eyes
Shout Out Out Out Out- Nobody Calls Me Unless They Want Something
Passion Pitt- Sleepyhead
Dandi Wind- Searching Flesh Club
Tom Waits- Down In The Hole (live, Atlanta, Georgia, 5/7/2008)
Los Alambres- Pinball
Vivian Girls- Such A Joke
Dizzee Rascal ft. Calvin Harris & Chrome- Dance Wiv Me
Catcall- August
Jay Z and Kanye West- Jockin Jay Z
The Panics- I Wanna Kill My Mom
Teeth- Dead Boys
Mean Street- You Do The Math
Stress Ape- They Broke The House
Miranda July- Bruce Lee
Vampire Weekend- Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Princess Chelsea- Ice Reign
Die! Die! Die!- Blinding
Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship- Image Comment
Yacht- Summer Song
The Dresden Dolls- Lonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner
Deerhunter- Oh, It’s Such A Shame
Does It Offend You, Yeah?- We Are Rockstars
Make Up Break Up- She’s Always X-Rated
No Age- Teen Creeps
Beastie Boys- Ch- check It Out
Sydney Confirm- Faster Than Man
Nite Jewell- Chimera Final
Railcars- Dasha Sings Saints
Surf City- Kudos
Tic Toc Tokyo- Colour Of Place
Indian Jewelry- Temporary Famine Ship
White Swan Black Swan- Little Bird
F In Math- Tubifex
Mason Proper- Lock In Key
L7- Pretend That We’re Dead
The Slits- Slits Tradition
Peter, Bjorn and John- Inland Empire
Malcolm Middleton- We’re All Going To Die
Abe Vigoda- Skeleton
Oxford Collapse- Electric Arc
Kimya Dawson- We’re All Animals
Of Montreal- Id Engager
V!xens- Uh Oh Uh Oh
TV On The Radio- Golden Age


Friday August 15, 2008

Liars – Disgusting
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head – Slow Motion Tag Team
Breeders – Walk It Off
Vivian Girls – Where Do You Run To?
Mayor Daley – 3
Oxford Collapse – Electric Arc
Deerhunter – Oh It’s Such A Shame
Teenwolf – Life Inside My Calculator
Future Islands – Old Friends
Surf City – Kudos
The Faint – Get Seduced
Railcars – Saints Are Waiting For Me, (Outside My Door)
So So Modern – Skeleton Dance
You Say Party, We Say Die! – Teenage Hit Wonder
BARR – Half Of Two Times Two
Air – Sexy Boy
Meho Plaza – Let’s Play Police
Tapes ‘n Tapes – Hang Them All
Beck – Gamma Ray
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Way Out
Roses, King, Castles – Sparklin’ Bootz
The Dutchess And The Duke – Back To Me
Tiger Tones – Giorgio, What Have You Done To Me?
Chandeliers – Big League
Of Montreal – Id Engager
Be Your Own Pet – The Kelly Affair
Frog Eyes – The Fence Feels Its Post
Awesome Colour – Step Up
High Places – New Grace
Conor Oberst – Moab
King Lal – A Milli (remix)
Clipse – Wamp Wamp (ft. Slim Thug)
Dizzee Rascal – Dance Wiv Me (ft. Calvin Harris and Chrome)
The Ribbon – Beat Beat
The Mae Shi – See U Again (Miley Cyrus cover)
Santogold – Get It Up (Radioclit remix ft. M.I.A. and Gorilla Zoe)
Gomez – Girlshapedlovedrug
Pierre de Reeder – The Long Conversation
Stereolab – Three Women
Pizzicato Five – One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Barbie Dolls
Abe Vigoda – Skeleton
The Walkmen – In The New Year
Fig Leaves – Cygnus
Lissy Trullie – Self Taught Learner
Woodhands – Breaking Up
Late Of The Pier – Focker
Human Highway – The Sound
Bang! Bang! Eche! – Nikee


Friday August 8, 2008

The Secret Knives – The Cage
Dirty Pretty Things – Kids of Consumption
Deerhunter – Oh It’s Such A Shame
Parts And Labor – Fractured Skies
The 63 Crayons – Heal Us
Power Pill Fist – Mashed Potato Legs
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head – Slow Motion Tag Team
CSS – Believe/Achieve
The White Stripes – I’m Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman
The Death Set – Negative Thinking
Whirlwind Heat – Green Eye Lady
Cold War Kids – Something Is Not Right With Me
The Breeders – Walk It Off
Black Dice – Kokomo
The Mae Shi – Run To Your Grave
Thom Yorke – After The Gold Rush (Neil Young cover, live)
Native Korean Rock – Visits
Be Your Own Pet – Adventure
The Grates – Burn Bridges
Jaguar Love – Bats Over The Ocean
Lupe Fiasco – Dumb It Down
Chandeliers – Mr Electric
Rye Rye vs. Diplo – Wassup Wassup
Vivian Girls – Where Do You Run To?
Islands – Creeper
Side Kick Nick – Eat & Sleep
No Age – Eraser
Zach Hill – Dark Art
Land Of Talk – Young Bridge
The Rapture – Whoo! Alright, Yeah… Uh Huh
Mas Y Mas – Pop Psychology
Coco Solid – Graffiti Girls For Life
Shocking Pinks – End Of The World
The Faint – Fulcrum And Lever
Mates Of State – Fraud In The ’80s
Architecture In Helsinki – Like It Or Not (El Guincho remix)
Yacht – See A Penny (Pick It Up)
Human Highway – Sleep Talking
MGMT – Kids
Of Montreal – Id Engager
Crystal Castles – Courtship Dating


Friday August 1, 2008

Tobacco – Dirt (ft. Aesop Rock)
Tokyo Police Club – Your English Is Good
Love Is All – Wishing Well
Jaguar Love – Bats Over The Ocean
Liars – Disgusting
Mean Street – You Do The Math
Architecture In Helsinki – Like It Or Not (El Guincho remix)
Sharpie Crows – Celebrity Haircut
Count Five – Psychotic Reactions
Nas – Queens Get The Money
Sigur Ros – Inni mér Syngur Vitleysingur
The Ruby Suns – Palmitos Park
Polka Dot Dot Dot – Little Finger
Digitalism – Pogo (The Horrors remix)
Field Music – In Context
Reporter – Set Fire
Thought Creature – Words Can’t Save You
Bloc Party – Mercury
Late Of The Pier – Focker
Icey Demons – Miami Ice
Cribs – Moving Pictures
Santogold – Unstoppable
Connan And The Mockasins – There Goes Tane
Teenwolf – Werewolf Tries To Get A Date
The Sing Songs – HTML
Bonde Do Role – Solta O Frango
Kings Of Leon – Crawl
Fleet Foxes – He Doesn’t Know Why
Lackthereof – Ask Permission
Babyshambles – Carry On Up The Morning
The Whipping Cats – Lightning Savage Children
The Mae Shi – See U Again (Miley Cyrus cover)
Brand New Math – Idiot Savant
Cold War Kids – Something Is Not Right With Me
Dr Dog – The Old Days
Lawrence Arabia – The Beautiful Young Crew
Zach Hill – Dark Art
XX Teens – Darlin’
Prince – Batdance
Bolt Action Five – Face Of The Beast
Railcars – There Is Ice; It Is Blue
Samuel F. Scott And The B.O.P. – Raver On Probation
The Zutons – You Could Make The Four Walls Cry
Clipd Beaks – Melter
Native Korean Rock – Sunset Sun
Moron Says What?!?! – Wikipedia


Friday July 25, 2008

Girl Talk – Knife (Grizzly Bear Remix)
Ra Ra Riot – Dying Is Fine
WOMEN – Black Rice
Santogold – Unstoppable
TV On The Radio – New Health Rock
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head – Slow Motion Tag Team
Beck – Gamma Ray
Liars – Disgusting
Late Of The Pier – Focker
The Sing Songs – Pamphlet Baby
Bear Cat – Red Panda Blues
Albert Hammond Jr – GfC
Black Kids – Hurricane Jane
Vivian Girls – Where Do You Run To?
Calexico – Two Silver Trees
Samuel F. Scott & The B.O.P. – Raver On Probation
Partyshank – Kids Of The Future
Sharpie Crows – Celebrity Haircut
Mean Street – You Do The Math
Dirty Pretty Things – Tired Of England
L. Hollis & The Mackadoos – Bui Bui
Cold War Kids – Something Is Not Right With Me


Friday July 18, 2008

Bang! Bang! Eche! – Nikee
Clipd Beaks – Black Glass
Lykke Li – I Don’t Mind (Jump On It)
Glass Candy – Beatific
Xiu Xiu – I Do What I Want When I Want
Railcars – There Is Ice; It Is Blue
The Chap – Fun and Interesting
Damn Shames – Fear Of Assault
Santogold – Unstoppable
Rye Rye – Shake It To The Ground
Catcall – August
The Mae Shi – Run To Your Grave
Little Pictures – I Am A Camera
The Horrors – Count In Fives
Jellowaste – Dirtpires
Dino Walrus – Duke Nuke ’em
Golden Axe – No Days Off
The Hungry Caterpillar – Odyssey Of Fire
Albert Hammond Jr – In Transit
Samuel F. Scott and the B.O.P – Raver On Probation
Brand New Math – Idiot Savant
The White Stripes – Conquest
The Creeping Nobodies – The Sound Of Joy
Brainiac – Fly Paper
Roots Manuva – Buff Nuff
The Walkmen – In The New Year
Telepathe – The March
Prizzy Prizzy Please – Shorgasm
The Sing Songs – Pamphlet Baby
Jena Malone and Her Bloodstains – Crowded Fire Scenes
Abe Vigoda – Dead City/ Waste Wilderness
Animals Talking – Colours
The Death Set – Negative Thinking
Metromony – Heartbreaker
Battles – Atlas
Thought Creature – Winter Is Over
Ponytail – G Shock
I Heart Hiroshima – Lungs
I Heart Hiroshima – Crime
The Mint Chicks – What A Way To Start The Day
A Place To Bury Strangers – To Fix The Gash In Your Head
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Zodiac Girls
High Places – New Grace
Lullatone – The Bedtime Beatbox


Friday July 11, 2008

Little Pictures – I Am A Camera
BS 2000 – Better Better
M83 – Kim & Jessie
Thought Creature – Favourite New Machine
Damn Shames – Dancing In The Aisles
The Cribs – Men’s Needs
Brand New Math – Idiot Savant
Reporter – Wild Dogs
Clipd Beaks – Melter
Jellowaste – Dirtpires
Dinowalrus – Duke Nuke ‘Em
Cut Off Your Hands – Happy As Can Be
Animals Talking – Colours
Blood On The Wall – Liferz
Crystal Castles – Crimewave
The Futureheads – Radio Heart
The Cure – Freakshow
Telepathe – The March
7 Day Weekend – Party Monster
Catcall – Drama and Games
Ruby Suns – Palmitos Park
Air France – Collapsing At Your Doorstep
Deerhoof – Rrrrrrrright
Lullatone – The Bedtime Beatbox
Hungry Eyes – My Scene
Devo – Gut Feeling
The Kills – Last Day of Magic
TacocaT – Bike Party
Wolf Parade – Solder’s Grin
Atlas Sound – Balcony
An American Chinese – Panic Pilgrim, Quick Grab Your Suitcase
Love Is All – Wishing Well
Abe Vigoda – Dead City/Waste Wilderness
High Places – New Grace
MGMT – Destrokk
Boy Crisis – Dressed to Digress
Roots Manuva – Buff Nuff
Girl Talk – Here’s The Thing
Beck – Gamma Ray
Screaming Females – Boyfriend
Die! Die! Die! – Shyness Will Get You Nowhere
Aa – Thirteen
I Heart Hiroshima – Lungs
Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook
Railcars – Bohemia Is Without A Sea
The Duchess And The Duke – Reservoir Park
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – Beat (Health, Life & Fire)
Bang! Bang! Eche! – Time Mismanagement
Moron Says What?!?! – Sleep


Friday July 4, 2008

Connan Mockasin – Macheeky
Brian Jonestown Massacre – Oh Lord
Blonde Redhead – Equus
The Sing Songs – Pamphlet Boy
The Lisps – Pepper Spray
Team Robespierre – Ha Ha Ha
Lykke Li – I Don’t Mind (Jump On It)
The Slits – Shoplifting
Vivian Girls – Such A Joke
Pop Levi – Never Never Love
Nine Inch Nails – Echoplex
A Place To Bury Strangers – To Fix The Gash In Your Head
Secret Knives – The Cage
Caribou – Melody Day
Little Pictures – I Am A Camera
Tommy Ill – Clouds Is Shaky
Santogold – Lights Out
Zach Hill – Dark Art
John Cale – Bicycle
Hungry Eyes – My Scene
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Sun Lips
Erykah Badu – The Healer
Girl Talk – No Pause
Beck – Gamma Ray
Batrider – Toilet Song
Tokyo Police Club – Your English Is Good
The Shins – Kissing The Lipless
The Cocknbullkid – On My Own
7 Day Weekend – Party Monster
Aa – Thirteen
James Pants – Dragonslayer
Ghostland Observatory – Heavy Heart
Tiger Tones – I Love You But I Hate You But I’m Just Not Sure
Screaming Females – Boyfriend
Bear Hands – Bad Blood
Errors – Cutlery Drawer
Cowtown – Curtis Tigers
Crystal Castles – No Skin
The Radio Dept – Freddie & The Trojan Horse
Blood On The Wall – Liferz
I Heart Hiroshima – Crime
The Clean – Beatnik


Friday June 27, 2008

Connan Mockasin – Egon Hosford
Railcars – Concrete Buildings Blues
Hot Silk Pockets – What’s The Matter
The Horrors – Draw Japan
Tapes ‘n Tapes – Hang Them All
The Guest Bedroom – No Thief
The Unicorns – I Do (It)
Golden Axe – No Days Off
I Heart Hiroshima – Crime
Abe Vigoda – Dead City/Waste Wilderness
Experimental Dental School – Jane Doe Loves Me
Teen Wolf – Cosby
Girl Talk – Here’s The Thing
Catcall – Bad Move Baby
The Kills – Last Days Of Magic
No Age – Sleeper Hold
Sigmund Droid – Liverpool Sluts
Screaming Females – Fun
The Velvet Underground – Guess I’m Falling In Love
The Faint – The Geeks Were Right
Tiger Tones – I Love You But I Hate You But I’m Just Not Sure
Joy Division – She’s Lost Control
Thee Oh Sees – Ghost In The Trees
Thought Creature – Favourite New Machine
Metronomy – Heartbreaker
Fighting The Shakes – Dotted Line
Dr Octagon – Aliens
Sic Alps – Bells (With Tremelo & Distortion)
Robots In Disguise – We’re In The Music Bizz
Babyshambles – Fuck Forever
Blood On The Wall – Sorry Sorry Sarah
Totally Michael – Winona
The Roots – I Will Not Apologize
M.I.A. ft. Afrikan Boy – Hussel
Tommy Ill – Clouds Is Shaky
Islands – Kids Don’t Know Shit
Whirlwind Heat – Grey
Tilly And The Wall – Pot Kettle Black
Bang! Bang! Eche! – Time Mismanagement
Wolf Parade – Soldier’s Grin
MC Stormtrooper – Message To The Rebels
The Mars Volta – Goliath
Primal Scream – Can’t Go Back
Matmos – Polychord
The Sing Songs – Pamphlet Boy

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