Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue


2009 was the year of the lo-fi girl-punk explosion, remember Vivian Girls, PENS, Wet Dog, Liechtenstein, Grass Widow, Dum Dum Girls and Pearl Harbor. Well it’s now rolled over into 2010 and there’s another band to add to that list of scuzzy all-girl groups. Las Robertas hail from San Jose, Costa Rica, perhaps a rather strange place to find a flourishing punk scene. Nonetheless, these girls make melodic lo-fi punk as good as anyone else. They sound most like New York’s Vivian Girls, all wistful vocal harmonies and crunching guitar riffs, belting out a mercilessly crisp sound that turns their noisy background into a beautifully sweet chorus.

They have released their debut album just as spring hits North America, calling to the crowds looking for an early dose of sweet summer jam. But it’s also perfectly timed for the New Zealand winter, especially for those days when the sun glistens off the dewy grass and the streets are filled with a foggy, breathy mist. Titled Cry Out Loud, it can downloaded for free from their Bandcamp page.

 Las Robertas- Myspace

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